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Good soul

Every bird needs a home, and Fluttershy knows that like no one else)
Of course she just has to help them)
I suppose she is not good at making birdhouses, but... all we know that the best things are things created with love right?^^
So I think it will be a success X)
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Why hammer, though. Just put on some nice hoofshoes and CLOP those nails in with your hoof. :D
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Love it! So simple at heart, detailed as work. :heart:
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I really love this work!!! Well done!
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By Celestia, that is astonishingly adorable.
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Thats what I call a perfect craftmareship x3
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Shouldn't that be Applejack?
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No you silly because Apple Jack is not a wood worker, only a farmer.
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I love that she's wearing headphones during this, and how happy she looks!
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Your art is beautiful! I would be glad to draw your OC (original character) for free. In honer of your beautiful art.
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It's so cuuuute!
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And we say have hands full of thumbs. She doesn't even have any. At least she hit it with her hammer.

Anyone would run to help her out. In a heartbeat. I know I would.

Awesome work.
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Aww, she's so cute! I absolutely love the colors, and the details on the wood and her mane!
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Все же милота.... Как же охото Луну увидеть в твоём исполнении с гривой из Созвездий и Галактик....
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Stay away from my shedBut I didn't listen (Fluttershy) PLZ ... I'm building bird houses Fluttershy dance 
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The Bird House is the Word House!
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