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Equestrian Royalty

By Yakovlev-vad
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And all Equestrian Princess together)
Honestly I also thought to add antagonists like Chrysalis and Sombra or do separate picture on this theme.
Say me what you think for this point)
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Why does Luna look like she wants to murder someone?

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Капец тебе удаётся характеры передавать в своих рисунках. Там мазочек, там чёрточка, и получаются настолько глубокие картины, что я просто тону в них. Что ни работа - то целая история. Честно - завидую, по-доброму завидую: и умению, и фантазии. Ибо столько различных сюжетов придумывать - это нужно быть очень незаурядной личностью.

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Then there's Flurry Heart, who would be drawn as a pair of wingtips sticking out either side of some subtle blade she is standing behind. It would be a subtle blade, like Voltron's Blazing Sword level subtle. XD
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Unable to raise the swords out due to not being male. Girls, argue the cause XD 
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OreotheCookieArtistHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm getting very strong WoW lich king vibes from luna's sword-
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Ice-Star-PonyHobbyist General Artist
Villains would be good to see! 
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DeadR0ttenHobbyist General Artist
I think villains would be really cool : 0
but also this is really amazing holy shit.
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TheCartoonWizardHobbyist Artist
I wish to see Eric Cartman interact with them eric cartman 
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starwarsfannickHobbyist Writer
Nice art.
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hang on, Celestia's sword looks like the mod version of Chrysamere from Skyrim...neat
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Fleetwing13Hobbyist Digital Artist

absolutely love lunas sword

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They prefer peace but they are also prepared for war.

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NekderpHobbyist General Artist
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CinisterSoulHobbyist Digital Artist
Luna's reminds me of the Frostmourn from WoW :o, oor one of the dk starter swords
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OreotheCookieArtistHobbyist Digital Artist
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XxSolarMoonclipsexXHobbyist Artist

Luna's Sword:
Celestia's Sword:
Twilight's Sword: Equestria's Defender
Cadence's Sword:Love and Tolerance

i couldn't come up with a good name for celestia and luna's 
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I would call Celestia's the "Lightbringer Mourn"

And Luna's "Night Fall Lament"

Or just for the sake of the initial rivalry "Nightbane" & "Dawnbreaker"

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XxSolarMoonclipsexXHobbyist Artist
cool names i see what what you did there with dawnbreaker the daedric sword
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Beautiful. I would like to see Daybreaker And Nightmare Moon as they are class villains 😁
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Awesome and beatiful
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Жду милашку Кризи ^^
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Beware of smug love princess!
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The-Arc-RiderHobbyist Photographer
When you draw one by one of the four princess! Ice Princess - Fire Princess - Arcane Princess - Romance Princess And assemble them all together!

Was WOW!!!:o (Eek) 

You did it a splendid work with themClap and I added in my fave+fav!
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Селестии должно быть пофиг на радиацию, ведь У НЕЕ ЦЕЛАЯ ЗВЕЗДА ПОД КОНТРОЛЕМ!!!
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