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Want to look on magic? =3

And actualy first i wanted to draw a standard Dryad from WoW universe. I find them a very nice creatures)
But, just for experiment, I decided to try to draw Faun muzzle for her instead of humanized and I loved this version more^^

So yep, I decided to name this as DryFaun, Dryad + Faun you know^^
Sounds stupid but pretty fair)

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She's very beautiful!

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Great work. How's things going?

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Doe!!! That deer taur is bucking BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

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Beautiful mythology creature :love:

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Какие чудесные бабочки, очень красивая работа!

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Оу май~

Мне это определённо нравится !!!

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*squeak >w<

Радостно слышать =3

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I quite like her. :)

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Happy to hear, thank you ^_^

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great work here. nicely done

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Dryads don't have antlers. Still though, cute piece.
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Yeah, I know, but this is not Dryad, this is Dryfaun X)

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Does don't have antlers either.
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She's Adorasexy!

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