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Give up! :D
Just a simple pic of DayBreaker which I wanted to draw for long time)
I know that in original she don't have hair, but I decided to do a bit different design cuz I really love "hair mane" and can do nothing wit it^^
Anyway s
he is a really interesting character and I was must to draw her =3
But I was a bit slow^^

I think now I have to draw her with Nightmare =3

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Love her hair color ^^

(Is it red,brown,or auburn?)

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One of my favorite pieces of Daybreaker, no doubt!
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The other side of the pic 
Knife Cat 
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This goes along with the picture you made of tia with a sword

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oh, that's day breaker? man I was wrong O_O
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You always manage to capture your subjects so well.  This is very fitting and flattering picture of Daybreaker.  One of the best I've seen.  I particularly love her brandishing a sword in the grip of her magical aura. =D
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"Beg for mercy..."
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Honestly she does look better with that red hair you added o.o Though I personally think she really needs some kind of ''flame-licked'' hair/mane to stay in tune with Nightmare o.o also I'm not sure if long hair works on Daybreaker XD I'd say short to medium-short but with a lot of volume and flames coming off it o.o

But eh that's just me XD Awesome picture anyways ^^ And yes, you do have to draw her with Nightmare now xD
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oc me: hey i have one similar to urs ITS CALLED A KATANA 
daybreaker:oh sweet rp jesus
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You have a sword. i have tactical headpats.
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This is just a masterpiece!  You have done such a wonderful job on this picture!!
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Discord: Why U mad?
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Would surrender so long as I got my morning nookie
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Oh that is some good perspective. 
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She is so powerfull
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She looks so dangerously delicious
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