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Give up! :D
Just a simple pic of DayBreaker which I wanted to draw for long time)
I know that in original she don't have hair, but I decided to do a bit different design cuz I really love "hair mane" and can do nothing wit it^^
Anyway s
he is a really interesting character and I was must to draw her =3
But I was a bit slow^^

I think now I have to draw her with Nightmare =3

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Me: *Pulls out legendary Excalibur sword* You certainly stand no chance against a sword of myth and legen with magical power 😎😎

Daybreaker: We’ll see about that!!! How did you get that sword?!!

Me: It’s a long story 🥶🥶

Daybreaker: If it’s a long story about that sword, I am terrified to think of what it can do. 😰😰

Me: Then in that case, I win the battle. You just gotta deal with it 😎😎😎