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всем привет)

Долго мучал я этот рисунок и наконец закончил, странно, вроде бы не сложный но возился я что то и впрямь долго.
во всем компьютерные игры виноваты, пора с этим делом мне завязывать, а то время летит так быстро, что я только удобно устроиться на стуле успеваю а уже вечерXD
- обязательно брошу, сразу после assassins creed 4 и GTA 5 (если к тому времени еще что нибудь интересное не выйдетXD).Короче потом, все потом:3
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Just randomly saw this again in related images... SUCH a blast from the past to remember how Dashie used to always sleep in the trees somewhere <3

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"Hello) For a long time I tormented this drawing and finally finished, strangely, it seems to be not difficult, but I was busy for a long time. computer games are to blame for everything, it’s time for me to tie up with this case, and that time flies so fast that I only have time to get comfortable in the chair and it’s already eveningXD - I will definitely quit, immediately after assassins creed 4 and GTA 5 (if by that time something else interesting will not work out XD). In short, then all: 3"

I think this is what the desc. says, If not jus hide this comment! Either way, I really like this picture! So vivid!
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The quality and detail in this is just so amazing.
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Cute. The goggles are a nice touch. This is very well done and very adorable and sweet. 
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7806 by Yakovlev-vad   - Happiness >w<
Ur welcome ^w^
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I thought the wings were tucked when asleep well watever this is really gud
this is strikingly vivid
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Yeah, Sleep in a tree... Because a tree is softer then a cloud
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How is it in the gta 5 sherch
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i love rainbow dash, especially when you draw her <3
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Hey this got re uploaded by someone… so you know.
Aww. Rainbow Dash looks adorable when she's sleeping. Great job with the background details like her the mane, the pillow stuffing and nearby flying goggles. It's often little things that make a picture like this one great.
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Русский художник на DA :О В первые вижу :о
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лол, русских тут очень много ведь)
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А русских ХУДОЖНИКОВ мало хд
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Я бы так не сказал)
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Реквесты не берёшь? :>
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к сожалению сейчас я правда не могу этим заниматься^^
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The detail put into this is amazing.
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