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Cozy place (Patreon reward)

Picture as Patreon reward for: this time)

If you interested, you can look through my Patreon for more details)
And many thanks to all who’s supporting me at Patreon, I really appreciate it a lot) ^w^ 
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What kind of tablet do you use, might I ask? (If you use one) 
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*Steals her necklace* 
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I love the way you drew her shoulders and chest! Her proportions overall are great, very defined and supple looking. Many other artists make their ponies look like lumps of dough, which I don't care for at all.
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Couldn't of said it better myself, I agree.
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Ohhhh such smooth and soft shading, very well done!
I love the pillow details c:
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Здравствуйте!Я очень сильно вдохновляюсь Вашим творчеством!Мне просто интересно,за сколько времени вы рисуете,примерно,обычную картину?
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the shading is just amazing
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Рисовка как обычно, на высоте! А выражение мордочки, вообще свыше всяческих похвал. Салютую, отлично получилось!
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Спасибо большое^_^
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So what is the name of this lovely mare?
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Unfortunately I don't know, but you can ask owner about it, if you interested of course^^
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I am very much interested! :)
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I love the way you did the moon in the background. Overall it's a beautiful picture.
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Yakovlev-vad has a Patreon account...?

*Starts to laugh giddily*


Must find a job quickly to fund desire to fund amazing artist!
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
Heh, I have it already more then two years, but I happy anyway that you noticed X)
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I didn't know you HAD a patreon account! I've been waiting for you to make a post saying you're open for commissions, so I never figured you had one! Now that I know... if I can land another big job, NOW I'll know... lol.
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