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Color picture (Patreon reward)

Color picture as Patreon reward for: Brain D this time)  
This world needs for more queens X)

P.s. If you interested, you can look through this post for more details)
And many thanks to all who’s supporting me at Patreon, I really appreciate it alot) ^w^ 

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wish my hair looked that good XD
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that place looks magnificently comfy ♥
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Pretty and regal. :)
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My kind of princess.

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please tell me her name, i've been looking all over for the name of this mare...please tell me you have a name for her
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Apart from being a very lovely mare, she has an incredible cutie mark!
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I really love the Color and shades in this one, Her Calm and regal demeanor, expressed by those love confident eyes, i really love that this image looks so alive with different elements. The Stump throne with that wonderful back arch made to look like an estranged Petal or leaf made from wood. The lighting and shading for the whole thing looks so natural. and how the throne pillow actually conforms to how she lays on it brings more realism to the picture (the pillow itself looks wonderful in its detailed design from the seems to the tassels.)  And her Mane and tale came out so nicely ^_^  Totally 9/10 for me. i felt the background and floor could have use a tiny bit more love, but regardless they still blend nicely with the rest of the image.
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Уря ^^, новые обои для мобилки :D
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Beautifully done! :thumbsup: :D
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So regal, I love it!
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On dirait Himedere-chan version poney x'DD
Les connaisseurs de Yandere-simulator me comprendront c')
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Saw the little gold crown and thought it was Prince Whateverer's OC for a second lol.
Good work!
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Красивая понька на лесном троне. Ну или как там.
Мне кажется, что ты рисуешь только понек, а чтоб так, брутальный жеребец, ну там БигМак, или Соарин, то никак.
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
По правде говоря все просто - просто я люблю понек больше чем брутальных жеребцовX)
НУ а так да, надо бы...
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She looks gorgeous!!!!
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1 by Yakovlev-vad   - thank you ^_^
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Какая прелесть! :)
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