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Color Sketch (Patreon reward)

Dark cloud for a dark pony X)
And another Color picture as Patreon reward for Elusion Crest this time)  

P.s. If you interested, you can look through this post for more details)
And thanks to all who's already supporting me at my Patreon, I really appreciate your support a lot ^_^

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Goddamn, if that's a sketch...
Musicoflive's avatar
You never cease to impress me with your arts!^o^
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
"I love these lazy saturdays"
ScarlettMay85's avatar
Starting a new job soon so hopefully I can finally start donating to your patreon! Love your art, you are one of my favorites =^.^=
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
Awwwwww >w<
It makes me really happy, thank you very much for the warm words ^_^
ScarlettMay85's avatar
You have earned every ounce of praise! Can't wait till I can get a commission from you lol.
Etoile-ardente's avatar
Dear Célestia you're an unbelievable drawer ! I like everything you do, your talent is impressive and I never will not get bored of to see your work. Continue like that !
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
Thank you very much, I will try ^w^ 1 by Yakovlev-vad  
Etoile-ardente's avatar
x'DD You're welcome, I count on you ;) (Wink) 
Rainbow-Night's avatar
So brilliant, your skills are unparalleled 
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
Oh you are too kind to me^
Thank you ^_^
DeDelner's avatar
What do I have to do to get a drawing like this? ;O;
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
Thank you ^_^
Am... practice of course))
DeDelner's avatar
For how long are drawing this stuff?
Because I just started a few months ago
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
I did this for two days)
DeDelner's avatar
Guh interesting! But actually I wanted to ask for how long are you drawing this stuff in general xP Like when have you started doing digital art?
oO-JoonasTheWolf-Oo's avatar
What am I supposed to say here? This looks fabulous in any imaginable boundary! :heart:
R-Doll's avatar
marvelous night skies and mystical environment
Clawergrap's avatar
DenisDB's avatar
Шик! Блеск! Красота! :D
Jatheus's avatar
You've got wicked skills... I am blown away every time I see a new piece. Fantastic work! :thumbsup: :wow:
ConcordMaks's avatar
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