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Color Sketch (Patreon reward)


Color sketch as Patreon Reward for: Imperious this time)

If you interested, you can look through this post for more details)
And many thanks to all who’s supporting me at Patreon, I really appreciate it alot) ^w^ 

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Геральт из Ривии? ;)

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Who Evers oc that is tell me cuz first off he handsome 
and cool X3
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oh    by the way, nice art. 
Soulful-Hex's avatar
i thought this was Sephiroth for a second
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Soooooooooooooo how does he use his sword?
gillspar's avatar
Telekinesis by way of magic horn?
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simple, he just uses his mouth, also I'm not the only one that thinks that he's from persona am I?
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Somehow this pony reminds me of Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones. Love the pose and expression! The details with the clothing are spot on! Well done! :)
thedisneyguardian's avatar
He looks mighty FINE!!!😍😘💖
EX-Greed17's avatar
Man, he looks pretty cool!

Memorable character of Medieval Equestria. :)
AmehanaRainStarDrago's avatar
Thought it was Imperious as soon as I saw the thumbnail. Very well done.
Kyoshyu's avatar
Handsome fella!
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Wow, what a handsome design! I simply adore this piece - I especially love the perspective/pose, and you did an excellent job on the uniform! Keep up the amazing work! <3
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
That is a snazzy uniform!
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
Wow! Is a reference?
Mokey1980s's avatar
The no nonsense, get it done, well dressed Royal Commander pony. Very very cool =)
161141's avatar
Reminds me of Owari no Seraph
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