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Hello everyone)

And another picture about the royal sisters)
Yes, I know it's the third of the month, but it's just too much fun doing character interactions, it's not something I get to do very often...
I promise that next picture will be someone else)

Sooo... You may have wondered why would Celestia be rubbing her sister with a sponge? O_o
The idea for this story goes back as far as my early childhood.
Thing is that I really didn't like using the sponge while washing and tried to avoid such... procedures, at all costs ^^
And so I began to wonder: what if one of the Royal Sisters shared my thoughts about that?

So back to the question at hand, why would Celestia of all ponies be rubbing her sister?
It can be done by the castle staff just as easily X)
It's simple, really:
Luna is also a ruler of Equestria, so she can just order those servants away XD
But there is only one pony she cannot give orders to - her own big sister.
And she is always happy to lend her sister a hoof))

I had add a bit water^^
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