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Caught in the act v.2

всем привет)

6 by Yakovlev-vad  - Помнеца был момент когда я уже рисовал картинку которая являлась как бы понификацыей одного случая из реальной жизни. 
А если говорить точнее то я сделал что то вроде понификации своей кошкиX)

Так вот, в этот раз я сделал тоже самое только относительно иного случаяX))

Hi everybody)

6 by Yakovlev-vad - I remember drawing a pic, that was ponyfication of a real life moment.
To be more precise I ponyfied my catX)

This time I've done the same about a different momentX)

Thanks to :iconstuntpony: for translation
And thanks to all who's supporting me at I really appreciate your support))
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Но у нее же нет когтей! Sweating a little... 
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O. rose you naughty pony you
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Только у нас обои клеят на газеты. Ахах
Классный арт :3
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oml Roseluck is my favorite pony! :love:
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Хорошая метафора в том, что хотя бы кто-то пытается докопаться до истины, чтобы устранить угрозу ядерной войны
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Awesome picture!

Is there a version without speech bubble?
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Thank you)
Unfortunately no, I think without it the thought is not complete^^
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It there maybe a version with less SMS-like typing?
Or can you make one?
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Unfortunately no, I haven't(
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     And I thought my cat was bad. The worst it does is pee on curtains and eat a ton of food, then run around till she throws up on a $10,000 Persian rug that my mom inherited from a dead relative no seems to remember.
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"...that my mom inherited from a dead relative no one seems to remember." made me laugh :D
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Wishbone:...Um nothing is everthing okay?
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First thing I thought was Weeping Angels.
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Why are there newspapers in the wall? O_o
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For wallpaper be better to keep =)
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There is nor real short answer but i will try.

In europe are really old buildings. Mot only a few are more then 150 years old. Back then, The techniques to plaster walls wasn't so advanced. Over time the wall got cracks, and cold air could get in the room. If you put a wallpaper direct on the wall, the paper will crack with the wall. So people pasting 3-10 layers newspaper to the walls first, to stabilize them an give more room for movements. You can use any paper for this, but newspaper is cheap.

By the way the structure beneath the plaster is done, i would suspect the wall is build between 1850 and 1920. At least that's the range this technique where used in Germany.
But the is east Europe so i could be way off.
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Dang.....I learned something today! ^_^ cool! 
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The world needs more Ponycats~♡
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