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Catavia (Color sketch)

Quick color sketch just by mood)
I don't know why but definitely this is one from my favorite poses >w<
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My big dog often sleeps like this.:heart:

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AWWWWW! She's in a tiny little bun ball! UwU

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A musical pony having a cat nap. So cute!

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Awww my beautiful pony ❤❤❤❤
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Catpones are best pones.
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you little cuddle of music.

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I would had so much troubles to resist temptation to start cuddling her to not disturb her dreams ^^
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Awww. She's like a tiny ball! So cute! :aww:

You just want to pick her up and 3-point-score a hoopcuddle her. ^^;

This is very adorable. Faved. :nod:

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Awww!so precious!
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one of my little kitties is doing this right next to me as I am writing this
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and there goes my heart...
wilnet1tractor's avatar
Opening canned cat food XD
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I would like one cuddle, please?
Мой кот точно так же сворачивается. :D
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she's curled up so much it looks uncomfortable
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