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На днях закончил картинку начинал которую аж 2 месяца назад но по неведомым для себя причинам забросил.
Сперва задумывалось нарисовать только один фон ,чисто практики ради, но спустя некоторое время мне показалось что все тлен и работа отправилась в папочку под названием "закончить как нибудь" (корзина в простонародии)
Но спустя некоторое время все же решил доделать)
Ну и как же я мог не заполнить пустое место Поняшей ибо она туда прям ну очень просилась:333

- На самом деле я просто потерял нить того что хотел сделать изначально и дабы показавшийся мне незавершенным пейзаж не был пустым я решил хоть как то спасти ситуацию добавив на него персонажа - хотя обычно так не делается.

Странно конечно ведь Даринг Ду обитает в джунглях... ну да ладно, задумывал одно а получилось другое.
В конце концов древние артефакты погибших цивилизаций могут быть спрятаны и в более северных местах)


Recently I have finished a picture, that was started 2 months before, but then postponed because of some unknown reasons for me.
At first I was thinking about background only, to get experience, but then after some time it seemed to me, this work is bad, and it went to the folder "to finish sometime" (recycle bin, simply speaking)
But after some time I decided to complete it yet)
And how could I resist to fill that free space with a pony, especially when she highly asked to be there:333

Actually I have just lost the idea of what I've planned to do when I started, so for the purpose of filling the scenery, that seemed to me incomplete, I decided to rescue this situation somehow while adding here a character - though it is uncommon to do so.

But it is strange, because Daring Do stays in jungle as usual... but OK, I planned one thing, got another.
Eventually the ancient artifacts of lost civilizations could be hidden also in some northern places)

Thanks to :icongrimnir11: for help)
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Daring Do! <3 ^w^
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i would love to see an image like this but mirrored, Celestia instead of Daring Do, and Canterlot instead of mayan ruins. during sunset. Idillyc medieval stile, and epic at the same time, solemnity. to put as a mural in my apartment wall :)
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Awesome picture! I need cover art for a Daring Do story I'm working on. Do I have permission to use it? (If no it's okay, but this is a really awesome piece though!)
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Thank you)
Sure, feel free to use it^_^
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Как по мне, Ду делает все только шикарней^^
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Daring do sure needs more love!
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Oooh, I remember now, you're that artist who did this artwork, I remember when I favorited it as I found out about it thanks to a great song that used it as a cover picture for the video :) I still love this artwork a lot! The spirit of adventure is high on this one!
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I really want to see a speedpaint <3 it's beatiful 
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Крутотень какая!
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Awesome artwork!!
I felt like Daring Do at some moments during my last trip when I went "exploring", too ^^ The spirit of adventure was high!
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This is incredible! Look at the background!!
Теперь это мой рабочий стол)
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I just love your artwork, especially mlp
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Чувак, это обалденно.
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withs program do you have for so amazing drawings?
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i use Paint Tool Sai + Photoshop
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ohh i had paint tool sai but i can't juse it any more :(
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Im sorry

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