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Best Princess =3

Actually it was my idea on 14th february (Valentine's Day)  but unfortunately (as my old tradition) I was not able to do this -____-
But better late than never, right?^^

So, the Idea is Tia gets a lot of Valentine cards in this day and she is very happy because any princess loves attention >w<
But not Princesses only of course)

Also I'm practicing to new style of shadows with sharp shadows.
I Don't know how good this looks, but I think it is appropriate for Pony characters because so they look more cartoonish >w<
Anyway just for practise)

If you likes my works, please, look through my Patreon 
Any bit allows me to spend less time for job and more for drawing. Also it makes my dream a bit closer)
And thanks to all who's already supporting me at my Patreon, I really appreciate your support a lot))

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Everyone is looking a specific part of the image
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I agree, he forgot the gem on the crown
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отлично какъ тебе такъ удаётся рисовать
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Celestia is the best  <del>wife</del>   princess!
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Awwwwsome. She looks like she's in love.
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Omg, so fluffy!
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 Celestia is Best Pony and Best Princess :'D
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[ Pixel ] tiny flower!Deadpool - and his bunny[i]: potted flower pixel   omg i adore you fart so much![i]: potted flower pixel  Deadpool - and his bunny [ Pixel ] tiny flower! 
              [ Pixel ] tiny flower! [i]: potted flower pixel keep the crazy good work<3[i]: potted flower pixel [ Pixel ] tiny flower! 
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Definitely best princess/pony. Nice work, very cute.
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Agreed! Celestia is Best Pony and Best Princess :3
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She looks pissed off. Maybe its the eyes.
Lightning-Mover256's avatar
She isn't angry. Notice her eyebrows. :)
JaymieDaggerBark's avatar
How is she pissed off?
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Так аккуратно и афигенно, я даже не знаю что ещё сказать, это залипаловка. 
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
Спасибо большое^_^
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Мне определенно нравится этот стиль, выглядит очень круто, как по мне =)
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
Спасибо большое, очень приятно это слышать))
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*Dying because I cant draw wings like that*
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Wow ok then this is quite unusual and attractive. None the less explicit detail well done
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