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Bad thoughts (Color sketch)

C278c2 by Yakovlev-vad - Want to see real night? =3
391dcd by Yakovlev-vad - I AM real night! >_<

Yep, As we know a lot of time Luna spends alone so I think talking with herself is usual think for her)
But what is more importantly - she is an Alicorn, and as any powerful creature sometimes she can have thoughts like "what if I can do more?"
And here is best time for your dark side)

But I am sure, she can resist)
Cuz she is powerful little pony and she don't need any help

Just more random thoughts^^
Full second version here

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Nightmare Moon:I know what you want.

Luna:Yes,Yes you do.I want you out of my house.


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Bardock Disbelief #2 : no! you can't be serious

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Nightmare Moon: "Wanna see the real night?"

Luna: "I AM the real night."

Me: "You're Batman?"

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I kinda wanna see Luna stick out her tongue and "Pfffffft!" a raspberry at Nightmare Moon. The look on NM's face would be priceless.
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- Я знаю, что ты от меня не отказалась...
- ... Обидно.
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Both Luna’s should just hug. XD
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We are one with the night, sent to extirpate the light! We will cloud it! Shroud it!
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Talk about an inner conflict.
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That comic sans font ruins everything >.<

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What "what"? I said the comic sans font is bad, that's what!

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Evidently you did not!
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This is so cute, though I think NMM would vaporize me if I said it to her face.
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Luna is beautiful regardless of which form she takes. And I would tell her so! Yolo 
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Seduction at its finest. :giggle:
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Прикольно.:) (Smile) 
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OK sometimes I get that in my head it’s OK to argue with yourself
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