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And another picture as Patreon reward for Mimiero this time)

I am no chemist, but I think it's better not to shake certain things ^^

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Some things? Yes, shake it, it mixes better. Other things? A single shake leads it to say "Oh, fall apart you say? Sounds good to me." Chemistry is interesting, but I don't have the stomach for it lol.

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Wait is that pinkie pie with wings and green bits in her hair lmao
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Долго не удавалось вспомнить, откуда мне так знакома эта пегаска и вот что нашлось :)
Commission: The science? by Ramiras

Возможно в комментах что-то есть про это, но мне лень читать :)

Кстати, с левым крылом поняши не все ок, если крыло распахнуто, то по идее должен быть виден бок в халатике, а там перья, не естественно вышло.
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Ну да, это она и есть)
Заказчик ведь тот же.

С крылом все ок, но вы можете заредлайнить если не лень и показать как надо =)
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 эм, но я не умею рисовать, у меня копыта Facepalm 
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Cute. And the art is gorgeous. :)
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Годненько:) (Smile) 
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Афродизиак детектед!:happybounce: 
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I would worry more about that pink gas.

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something's cooking up cool and good in the lab
this is a work of inspiring potion-making and science

a heart with wings? I assume that literally make hearts fly out of ponies' chests in a cartoony, comical way
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Absolutely fantastic! I'm in awe :D
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get this guy's work into a museum
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There is too much cute in this for me to handle!!! I especially like that little green critter!
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Shaking is when the fun happens! And skin grows back.
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THat dun look like a safe potion !
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Черт, слишком круто...
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Always read all of the text and labels.  For warnings are almost always at the end.
Thank you for sharing.
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cute very cute
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I thought that this was Pinky Pie at first. But it's not.
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-Eyelashes are over hair
-Eyelashes are under glasses
-Glasses are under hair
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