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Alicorn's statue

Picture as Patreon reward for Asheer J. Ram this time)
By Idea this is sculpture dedicated to alicorns standing in a picturesque place.
Actually first I thought about something like a temple structure around this statue, but as I love environment, I decided to draw nature, just couldn't resist^^
Also I wanted to do a planet between Luna and Celly with Flyry heart on it but... Lord God forbid... I refused this idea^^
So instead this I added a mystical artifact, yes, I love mystical artifacts >w<

P.s. I don't hate Flyry heart, really, but.... I think that she is a bit.... excess^^
At here at least^^
P.s. If you likes my works, please, look through my Patreon 
Any Bit you have to give is very appreciated! ^_^
And thanks to all who's already supporting me at my Patreon, I really appreciate your support a lot))
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I'm reminded of Monochromatic's Enchanted Equestria.

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That artifact is reminding me of Halo. And I've never played Halo. Why am I thinking of Halo????

Charles-Farrow's avatar

It's that thing. that's the magical mcguffin. We don't know if we can make it anymore obvious than this.

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This is just beautiful. I love how you drew the water and the forest surroundings in the background. The statues themselves are wonderfully detailed to the point where it looks like it's been there for a long time. I wonder if those are just statues of the princesses as a shrine, or are they the actual alicorns petrified by an unknown force, either way I love it
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this reminds of valley of the end from naruto

lynx318's avatar
Homage to the MLP movie.
TastesLikeGreen's avatar
Flurry Heart isn't there because she's the one who turned the others into stone, of course. :3
ItsallaboutM3's avatar
* Incoming Challenge for Twilight Sparkle* Use Emotes to describe this founatin-statue. (you can also type too, so have fun X3)
kipoko's avatar
would it be okay to use this as a wallpaper? (if not i understand ^^)
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
Sure, feel free, this will be a honor to me ^w^
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Such Intricate design!
wilnet1tractor's avatar
Oh Yako, your missing two.
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Beautiful picture :D
StefanM123's avatar
I guess this is not you, yes?…

Love the art anyway ^^
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teepublic custom designs aren't permanently kept.
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
Unfortunately the link doesn't works for me(
Anyway, I drew only this picture, any "merch" with this work is not my
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Your background skills are amazing,, wowzers! <3
FlashHeal44's avatar
I am a starting artist and your art always keep motivating me to keep practicing. Heart 
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I love this sooooo flippin much!!!
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Ого, волшебно omfg 
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