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A bit of friendship for Tempest (Color sketch)

By Yakovlev-vad
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And another quick color sketch by random idea)
Cuz Tempest also deserve to have friends))
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FizzleTwi is best ship, they're so adorable ^w^

I love this picture <3

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Aw! Tempest deserves some ice cream.

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Two things:

1. I don't know how they do that, but every single time i see art in music video flipped horizontally i find that actually better than original. Seriously.

2. Damn, Tempest is cute!


3. Where did this icecream came from in the middle of the forest?

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"...or maybe all I need is love"

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Awww that is so sweet for Twilight to give an ice cream to Tempest! 
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shippers be like; WE HIT AN JACKPOT!

Alsp Shippers except it's an opposing group' WE GOT AN TARGET!
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:iconapplejackplz: "Gee, you'd think she'd have more practice holding things with hooves..."
:iconrarityangryplz: "Applejack, that's rude! You owe her an apology."
:iconapplejackshoutplz: "IT'S THE TRUTH, CODSARNIT!"
:iconrarityangryplz: "Truth or not Applejack, it's STILL rude..."
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WOW it's Wonderful!!for mystic sadness 
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I love Tempest's new mane style! And Twilight is so kind. :)
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i've seen this picture coupled with a song for ponies at dawn....
but did they reverse it?

i like this orientation more. 
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I saw it, too, I am obsessed with Ponies at Dawn.
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How nice of her to share.
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How nice of her to share.
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Twilight's so cute & funny. Giggle Meow :3 
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Aww~~~ That's sweet
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I hope that ice cream is at an ideal TEMPerature.
You know, Temp, as in Tempest?
... I'll just see myself out.
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*drags you offstage with a cane*
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Such a cute pic! Their faces make it all the more ADRABZ! I mean adorbs. XD :heart:
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That was sweet! No, I'm not sentimental, I'm talking about the ice cream.
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