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Hey guys,
just want to let you know I'm on Artstation now, too. Follow thiiiiiis link:…
Figured it doesn't hurt to be there as well!

Hey guys,
I thought you might be interested in some things I think about art... as a bonus there is also some diet talk! Hope you find it interesting and a bit informative.…

Don't forget to check out the other artist interviews, too. It's not much yet but the tumblr just got created by the wonderful Jana Schirmer ( Janaschi).

Enjoy :)
Just wanted to spotlight this novelty on my page. Check it out:…
Wanna see how this goes and will maybe consider using this feature in future more often.

So hopefully you enjoy!
I was considering doing one or more tutorials or how-to's for a change. I think it helps me too, to get conscious of certain things I usually do intuitively. But also I like to give something back for all that positive feedback I get from you. :)
So, if you are interested let me know in the comments which topics you'd like to have covered by me. And I show you how I would tackle that issue.

Good suggestions are not limited to specific objects, but more global.
However if everone wants to know how I take on a shrubbery, then a shrubbery it shall be.

Not so good suggestions are about subjects I don't show in my gallery... on the other hand I like to try new stuff and work on my weak spots. ( no guarantee for a good result though )

Tell me where you struggle and I see what I can do!

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Hey guys,
I registered at Behance. Nothing new for you to see, but wanted to give you a heads up on this.

Nothing will change for my DA account, just thought it could help to be over there too.

Hey guys,

just wanted to mention that I redesigned and relaunched my homepage.
It's better in every aspect now.
So, If you like take a look. There are one or two images I didn't post here, so it might be worth!

Hey guys,

CGSociety just released an article about me and my work. You can check it out right here:…
It offers a bit insight in the development of my 'Millionaires' artwork and some background information about me and my work in general.

Could be interesting to some of you!
Hope you enjoy it.

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share the news about my first place in the CGChallenge on CgSociety!  
Here is the official news:…

I'm really happy that this happend, and thankful about the many nice comments and support you guys gave me. Sorry I didn't reply to everyone, don't hate me for that, but as you know that is very time consuming and there are many things that need to be done over the day. But nevertheless I am very grateful for every little word of encouragement. Thank you!

On a side note I want to offer some of the prices I unfortunately have no use for:

So, I'm selling:
Autodesk- Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate
NVIDIA - Quadro K5000 graphics card
NewTek Lightwave 11 (with upgrades to 11.5)

I also have a zbrush 3.5 licence for sale.
If you're interested please contact me with your offer over facebook:

Cheers! :)