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Viking Ship - how I approach complex surfaces.

A piece I did for a magazine 6 months ago. Maybe you find it useful to read how I approach something like that.

When I approach a complex painting I always try to think several steps ahead to figure
out the easiest and fastest way to my desired goal. So for this task I want to paint a viking
ship figurehead with a variety of materials. I also want it to have different and interesting
colors and patterns and place it in a atmospheric setting. Painting these ideas all at once
would be a real pain. So how to approach it? Splitting all tasks in little digestible bits of
So I start off with the drawing, where I just focus on composition and design. It doesn’t
has to be too clean, but the more design questions I answer at this point the less I have to
work on the design later on.
After that I’ll block in the most important shapes on separate layers and lock the
transparency. This way I can go wild with my brushes but will always maintain a clean
Now that I got my shapes I start adding color. Just pick the ones I need and put it in
without thinking about light and shadow.
After that I get to the light and mood part. I use layer modes and brush modes like color dodge,
multiply, lighten, etc. I establish all light sources and start rendering the materials like I
think they would react to them.
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Sumptuously! Gracefully, beautifully, subtly. A great experience exploring your worlds.

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wah the light on his "neck" ! This painterly style is great. You really master tons of different technics/approaches, that's nice, keep making great art ! :)
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it's a really stunning piece. unusual approach to the viking theme i shall say - i love that with only clues left by you we can make a story! and al these bloodthirsty vikings hidden beneath mist, so cool!!
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Happy to hear you enjoy it!
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I really love this one. 
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awesome light
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You applied colors directly ?

A lot of artists starts with grayscale to get the volume first but I often have problems while transitioning from grayscale from colors, it usually doesn't look that good.

Anyway, great piece, I like how you painted the distinct materials.
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Well, you gave the reason for my approach yourself! :)
Thank you!
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suuuuper helpful thank you :) beautiful result too
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Not a problem, Iris! And thanks to you!
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Remember this one from the magazine, awesome stuff! :)
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Thank you! It was unfortunately a bit cropped, so this here is the full experience. ^^
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I can't believe how perfect this image is.
You're one of my favourite artists on Deviantart. You're a huge inspiration and I hope I'll reach your level of drawing one day.
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Aww thank you for the warm words!
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welcome back man, amazing as usual, I totally love that flahs of light on the "neck" of the dragon, great atmospehre and use of easy solhuette for suggest a big emotion! wunderbar!
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Thanks man! Not back though, just posting old stuff... working my ass off for clients and no time for my own stuff. But I'll be back for real eventually!
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