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Viking Santa

Season's greetings to everyone!
Hope you have some tranquil holidays with your beloved ones. :)
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 WOW! This is AMAZING work! This is going around Facebook right now. 
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Oh thanks for the notice, didn't know. :)
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Yeeeeesssssssssssss :D
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Wow, so awesome!
lol LOVE this!
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:D This is such a mighty concept of something that is usually so mushy. I can just picture this Santa, going by his last name "Claws..." generously chucking out weapons left and right as he furiously rides with his elf gang through the city. War bells can be heard from his reindeer as he yells, "Enjoy your new toys! Ho ho hooo" Waves his ice ax but not before the thick fog envelops them in a snow flurry, and their gone....
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I don't think there could have possibly been a more epic image in my head to accompany this post than the one that your words just painted. Thank you for that. hah
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I'm on tha same spot.
pretty bad ass
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Ha ha! Love it. You need to manufacture a plastic light-up version for people's yards. ;)
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This is exactly how I will describe Santa to my children.
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Awesome  in a special way :)
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"Ho ho Mother fucker, I heard you have been naughty..."
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cool! Looks so... Canadian :P
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Astounding piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
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Dear Santa.
This year i don't want any presents. Just for you to stay far away from my house...forever!!!
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This is awesome! Until you realize reindeer are like three feet tall
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Oh sweet jingle bells!
Bloody sweet skills <3 Love their poses
Um, I dont think I want to sit on his lap, though lol
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fantaaaastic! I love your works! :)
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