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Something I worked on over last few months and could finally finish now. 
Process shots and more info on my artstation:…
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It is really amazing, I also want this, and I tried like this. Let view this, it shows great at Cover Art Design

wow, this is amazing, I am also working on different arts. you can see my art here.

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Pilot and Weapons Officer walking off towards the debriefing office after a successful mission.

Pilot: "God, I'm glad that's over!"

WO: "Ya got that right, sister! After debriefing, I'm grabbing a quick shower after equipment turn in!"

Pilot: "Me too! Then hit the club for a much needed drink!"

WO: "And a good cigar?"

Pilot: "That too!"

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wow, this is stunning. I just checked out the "process shots". Btw. I love their faces in the finished picture.

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Inspiration of Gantz?
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Amazing, I Iiked it a lot!

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i can fell all their empowerment on my face!

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OMG, it's so awesome!!!
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Look so great art. I'll surely try to make like this one. However, You can see some of my new design here.

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Is this 3-D supported paint? Blender + PS? I'm a beginner sorry.

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No worries. Yeah it's overpainted 3D models. Here's the raw renders: The faces/heads are purely painted though.

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It’s looks like a blender or really good painting skills.
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wow... this is so cool! would you mind if I use the armor designs as a reference photo? it is amazing!

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Sure, go ahead. Would be nice if you could mention your inspiration when you post it anywhere. :)

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Sure, of course I will :) You are awesome! Keep up with the good work! Stay safe and healthy XD

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Looks futuristic... But of course, most of the latest forefront technology would, no? ;P

its titanfall aint it

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How are you so talented!? I try to draw as good as that but it always looks like a whale in a ballerina skirt ;-;

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decades of practice help a bit :)

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