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While I was painting along, all of a sudden a rattling sound emerged from my mac.
I soon realized it must be a insect which is trapped in the fan , so shut down the comp as fast as possible.
I spotted him immediately and managed to get him out, it wasn't easy.
He was still running in circles inside of the frame and couldn't get enough grip to climb out through the wholes.
With a brush I could give him enough to get a grip and he barely made it out.
After that he rested on the brush for a while and didn't move. What a ride on the rotating fan that must have been for the poor guy ( or lady).
I brushed him with a soft brush a bit and after a while he started to clean himself. He's well and gone now.

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MidnightTiger8140's avatar
Aw, this is so cute :3

Also, all the ladybugs I've ever seen in my life were the reverse color scheme (red with black dots). WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING OUT ON???
Artoveli's avatar
Aw, this is really sweet. :aww:
CaziTena's avatar
MayaBR's avatar
Aww, poor thing ;n; 
You're so kind.
Downian's avatar
This is so good and pure
Minnie-Salinas's avatar
Oh Lord this is so adorable! :heart:
JadeMerien's avatar
This is precious. 
Rick-TinyWorlds's avatar
Haha, what a story! Poor little fellow, I'm happy he's alright! :)
Korwynze's avatar
at least he or she is safe now!
and has a lovely drawing too!
Random-Derp's avatar
I know my luck well enough to know, that in my case it would be a hornet instead of a cute ladybug o-o
yakonusuke's avatar
I'm usually the wasp magnet, even inside my apartment... Triggered Peridot 
Random-Derp's avatar
That's the worst feeling of all! ; -;
Entropician's avatar
new frontiers of LOL XD
yakonusuke's avatar
Crazy little fella... sponsored by Red Bull or some shit :D
guillegarcia's avatar
aw *___* well done
Felidacity's avatar
Aww, that's so incredibly sweet. Glad they are okay c:
PreciousAxlShine's avatar
Oh! Oh, that's so sweet!~ <3
Blackthroatblue's avatar
Oh no! Good thing you rescued it.
Suerrloin's avatar
Nin10dohgirl's avatar
:omg:I rescued a ladybug, too! I found one in the pool up at a friend's house, and I just managed to save it from drowning <:3 This happened about a month or two(going on three LOL)ago
yakonusuke's avatar
Ladybug-rescue-team HOOOOOO !Ahus jadacy 
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