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Heart of Nature

Speedpainting from this evening
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A favorite for a long time now.

this is awesome!

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Holy shit this is amazing
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Beautiful piece, reminds me somewhat of Ego's core in the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Beautiful light and strokes.
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Looks like it belongs to Biollante...
Hey mate, I like your work. Did you know  that the video game called Elex has your idea? They call it World Heart. It's a plant they grow to cure the planet. You should look it up on Youtube or something.
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Hey man, sorry havent noticed you comment. But thanks for pointing that out. It suspiciously looks similar... oh well.
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it's really beautiful *^*
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this is the heart of the jungle 
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You watch avatar
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I could spend all day "liking" this artist's work. Very nice...all of it!
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Love it, this piece tells a story! 
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this concept would be hard to pull of id imagine but you made it portray exactly what its supposed to
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Fantastic idea - love the concept - and what a speed paint!!
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I think my brain just stopped when I saw that. THAT'S FU**** AMAZING !
this red and theses colors and concept ! astonishing !
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God I love this!
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What a gorgeous concept. I love this. :D
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gorgeous concept and colouring
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it's kinda like a spider egg... i could shit my pants if its that. nice colors and contrast.
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dat thumbnail
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