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My Bio

Hi there! I am Yaka, your friendly neighbourhood robotics engineer who is also into drawing. My art mostly consists of Pokémon and furries. I also do adoptables and drop a comic page from time to time.

Other interests of mine are gardening, programming, and gaming. Being a huge introvert, I spend most of my spare time inside with my feline best friends. I'm not very talkative, but don't hesitate to shoot me a message if you think I might have something interesting to say! :)

I use a Wacom Cintiq 13HD and Paint Tool SAI.

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Surprisingly accurate


Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Stories

I'm very much into Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, so I'm working on a handful of comics and one illustrated story. They're listed here for your convenience!


A disease is turning normal Pokémon into violent, senseless monsters. Yet there is no cure and no way to test if someone is infected. In this uncertain world, two teams learn to protect the world, from gathering resources to fighting the monsters.

Based on: @PMDAbsolution & @TalesOfTabira

Start reading: link

All pages: link and link


In a post-apocalyptic world, the shady duo of Yuna and Crag is trying to get by. Facing crisis after crisis, the local guilds are eager for new recruits. But as the duo pokes around, they discover that the guilds are playing around with artefacts more exquisite than expected... and Yuna is eager to put his paws on one of them.

Based on: @Rival-Gates

Start reading: link

All pages: link


Forced to leave their home, Aspen and Lily enter a world unfamiliar to them. Will they survive when they find themselves in the middle of a conflict between the world's four factions of guilds and outlaws?

Based on: @PMD-Outlaws

Start reading: link

All pages: link


The world is plagued by a mysterious disease, taking the lives of many. Two children orphaned because of this - River and Bandit - set off to find a cure. How will these siblings handle plagued towns and inhospitable environments? And what if it's already too late?

Based on: @PokemonSaviors

Start reading: link

All pages: link


Vincent and Daniel eagerly set out on their own to join the merchants' guild. But as their guild grows, so do the rivalling rescuers' and rogues' guilds. As the conflict grows to legendary proportions, they're not sure where their allegiances lie anymore.

Based on: PMD-Explorers

Start reading: link

All pages: link


Pokémon Autumn: a 10+ year old discontinued comic, which still gives me a laugh now and then. Follow Zack as he gains strength through the ~*power of friendship*~ and joins a battling tournament.

Start reading: link

All pages: link

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Hey Skelly, it's been awhile. I hope that you've been well. Miss you.

ayo you're making cool stuff! keep goin' Cat Love

Heya!! I saw your PMD Characters on Art Fight (Team Azure) and just wanted to say they're absolutely ADORABLE!! Is DA the best place to follow you for art?

Hi!! Happy to hear you like my children. <3

Yep, this is the best (and only, except for AF) place to follow.

hey its been a while, just wanted to say i hope youre doing well these days! best wishes.

Omg! Hi!! Wasn't expecting you to be on dA again, let alone drop by. ;;

2021 was a new low for me, but it's getting better! Also, almost pride month and art fight dgfjdffhj excitement.

How have you been?? I've peeked at your dA once in a while and I have to say, that is some quality art. Both the themes and the artistic execution.

Also now that you're here, let me say that I still absolutely love Shamal and Xenos to bits. ♥



haha, yeah i had a blast from the past today and managed to remember the password to this account.

for me the new low was 2020, im sorry to hear its hit you 2021. glad its getting better though! and yeah almost pride month and art fight aaahh. i wasnt able to do AF last year, so im very pumped for this year.

honestly if you wanna do some proper catching up, we could maybe note or do discord or something? i dont wanna clutter your profile too much! but thank you very much, that is a pleasant surprise. your art has come a long way as well, i remain impressed with your work <:)

speaking of blasts from the past, woah! im glad you still love them. if you want i can give you my toyhouse username if you wanna credit it, no pressure though!