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Happy Halloween

By yaichino
Me on Facebook :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

Happy halloween guys ^^

Ok..that´s a standard pic for halloween (sorry)
I spent much time in this art x~X

Because, i don´t realy draw very often backgrounds ^^;


So...bla blubb
Das war eigentlich auch nicht das halloweenpic, was ich geplant habe x~X
Aber bin in den letzten tagen so oft früh ins bett und derzeit klappt ja nicht mal ne anständige skizze meiner Charaktere T_T Boah...da zweifelt man schon an sich <_<
Doch dafür mag ich den Hintergrund, weil ich ja gar so wenig der eigentlich recht gut geworden :3
Natürlich sind da fehler und unsauberkeiten XDDD
ABer das ist ja schon bei mir standard geworden *hehe

also..nochmals happy halloween euch allen :heart:

Happy Halloween 2010:
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A dark pic with awesome look!  :toocool:  Great artwork and amazing coloring!Congratulations!  :winner:
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this is very beautiful ;D
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this is nice :3
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Thanks, it´s beautifull
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Hello, I was wondering if I could use this picture as a cover for a story on I promise I'll give you credit.
The story is here if you want to read it:
Thank you for your consideration.
~ phantom
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sorry, i saw this message only now x~X;
 However you can use this art with the credits ;3
hello! great work, I really enjoy that! I used it for some poster, hope you don't mind! :) PM if u want to see the work.
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yeah xD maybe you would show me the work :3?
[link] pretty much what I did. Might be ugly, but it is my 2nd poster. U might also not understand because it's in polish :/
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ah cool :3

but please, when you use an art again (no matter from which artist) please make a little credit on the poster ok ^^?

because when u use it without a permission an without a credit, than it is a thievery ;3
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Well... A band I'm quite fond of just ripped your work off. [link] Not sure how I feel about seeing them play tomorrow night, now. Art theft is never cool.
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mh...the didn´t saled the art...than it is not so fatal x~X;
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Ehhh, they used it for advertisement but I get what you're saying. In any case, I linked it back to this page so people can see who the real artist is.
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very thanks >///<
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You're welcome, hon. :)
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