There is a new entry into the desktop widget/customisation world and that goes by the name of PlexyDesk. PlexyDesk was originally an open source Ubuntu-based application designed to provide desktop widgets and multiple workspaces (desktops) on version 16.04 of that environment. PlexyDesk has been around for a while on Ubuntu but has recently grown in capability so that it now provides the identical desktop/widget functionality not only on Ubuntu but now Windows and Mac OSX.

The current version of Plexydesk is still beta but provides multiple desktops (workspaces), background image management and a default set of widgets which includes:

   Note pad
   Task pad

Supposedly there is 3rd party developer support that allows you to write your own widgets using QML and HTML but information is thin on the ground at the moment and I have not yet shelled out the required $9.99 which is required to download the beta version of the software. The use of QML indirectly implies that javascript will be supported to allow the logic of the program to be controlled. This bodes well for existing developers of other javascript based widget engines such as the Yahoo widget engine (and Xwidget users that may be familiar with javascript to a lesser extent) as there exists the possibility that some Yahoo/Xwidgets could be ported to run on Linux/Mac platforms.

The product is new so we can't expect much at the moment, some bugs perhaps. It is also quite expensive which is strange given that the majority of apps these days cost no more than a couple of pounds/dollars. I would have expected Plexydesk to cost less than a fiver in order not to put off the casual purchaser, one or two dollars/pounds would make the software much more accessible and be more likely to bring the developers a steady stream of income. It makes not a lot of sense to price the software so high that very few will buy it. I expect the developers to see sense here soon,  as they are currently cutting off a great deal of would-be users. PlexyDesk's main competitors are Xwidget, Rainmeter and the Yahoo Widget Engine all of which are entirely free.

However on the positive side, a true multi-platform engine that allows widgeteers to create thin client apps in QML/javascript with full access to the OS via well-coded APIs all sounds very nice indeed. Possibly a fitting replacement for the no-longer-supported yahoo widget engine and an alternative/complement to Xwidget?

At the moment the documentation is sparse, there is no designer GUI (which will put off the Xwidget community) and the price is high. I don't expect everyone to dive in and start using it immediately, given that it is in beta too. However, I would keep an eye out for it here at their website:

Read through the site, it is quite new and as a result it is choc-full of typos, grammar mistakes and chopped text but be positive and hope that it will all mature soon enough.

As you can see, some quite uninspiring widgets running on an Ubuntu desktop. Not the most graphically exciting of widgets in comparison to my own steampunk monstrosities but it shows the default set in operation.
New gallery folders created for widgets from other engines. The gallery won't grow fast enough unless we let some other widgets in from newer engines. Do feel free to submit your Xwidgets, Rainmeter and QT/KDE widgets here too.
Have just invited a load of DA-ers that have previously submitted their own widgets, desktop screenshots containing Yahoo Widgets or Yahoo Widget icons. Getting the group started.