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i never finish anything

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PKMN - Sombre Dimanche
There were two birds sat on a stone.

The room was warm, but the world was cold.
That was all Green could think as he numbly thumbed through a magazine tabloid, staring past the pictures, past the room and letting his attention flicker with the humming and blinking of the florescent lighting.
His jaw was numb, his tongue was heavy, and his limbs quivered with unease. His heart was racing, but for how much he sweat and shook, he struggled to feel anything. His dread was like the humming of cheap lights – droning and flickering, and something outside of him he couldn't control.
He didn't force a smile when the investigator walked into the room. Neither did she. He stood up, legs still quivering, hands clammy and god he felt so cold.
"We've talked before. I'm Tabitha," she began, and then she held out her hand for Green to take.
"Yeah, I remember," Green murmured in response as he shook her hand and god her hands were warm.
She nodded, holding onto
:iconpyroluminescence:Pyroluminescence 29 51
PKMN: Glitch
Young Pokémon Trainer Red was much like any other boy his age in that he got such a thrill out of doing something he wasn't supposed to. Something against the rules... He grinned to himself as he summoned his Charizard from its Poké Ball.
"Hey, buddy," he whispered. "Do you know where we are?"
The fire Pokémon nodded, looking around at the jungle-like vegetation overgrowing all sides of the thin pathway. A certain excitement rose up in Red's chest every time he heard the scurrying of Pokémon in the bushes, the distant, muffled cries of species he still had yet to capture... He grinned to himself, unable to contain his thrill at their adventure.
The Safari Zone. It was challenging, oftentimes infuriating, but Red loved it – the sights, the smells, the thrill of the hunt as he sought out to catch that one rare Pokémon... It was like a gamble, or another game of chance... And while Red never liked such games, he was willing to make an exception when it came t
:iconpyroluminescence:Pyroluminescence 212 123
DESUDESUDESU by Pyroluminescence DESUDESUDESU :iconpyroluminescence:Pyroluminescence 14 3
[The following document was recovered from the author's room shortly after his famed escape, and has been published in the hopes of helping to lead to his eventual capture. This publication is the property of the Kanto Department of Investigation and may not be republished in any unauthorized texts. Plagarism of this text is subject to trial at the full extent of the law.]
People often ask me what my favorite Pokémon is. I always tell them, "Pikachu!"
But Pikachu isn't my favorite Pokémon. My favorite Pokémon is Poliwhirl.
I haven't lied about it for a long time, but I guess there's a good reason for that. I used to lie a lot, but I'm better now. Besides, everyone always thinks Pikachu is my favorite, and I'm tired of the questions and surprise I got all the time when I was honest. Now, I just don't tell people. But I'm telling you.
I first encountered Poliwhirl when Dad took me fishing. See, Dad really likes sports, and fishing was one of his old pastimes. Right
:iconpyroluminescence:Pyroluminescence 31 24
He Fell Asleep Again... by Pyroluminescence He Fell Asleep Again... :iconpyroluminescence:Pyroluminescence 31 12 Red by Pyroluminescence Red :iconpyroluminescence:Pyroluminescence 24 20 Can't Get Enough of You by Pyroluminescence Can't Get Enough of You :iconpyroluminescence:Pyroluminescence 82 22
Not Female, Just Shiny
I am a shiny male Nidoran.
I am called "shiny" because I am a member of my species who is differently colored from normal. Most members of my species are violet-colored, but my fur is blue.
Before people could tell the difference between male and female Pokémon, my species was classified as two, because males and females differ so much in our species. Females are smaller, with shorter ears and horns. As females grow up, they learn different things and evolve differently. The coloration between males an females is also different, which is extremely rare for a single species. The females are blue, while the males are violet.
But, sometimes, a male Nidoran is born blue, or a female Nidoran is born violet. As with all Pokémon, the chances of being born a different color are very, very slim. Shinies, as we are called, are prized among Trainers for our rarity and our unique coloration. But I have never felt rare or prized. I just feel wrong.
Because I was born in the wild, where Tr
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Magcargo's Wish
Fire-type Pokémon are capable of holding back the heat they produce. According to one folk tale, their ability to do this originated from a Magcargo who was sad he could never hug his friends.
Trainer seems sad today.
Trainer has a bag full of eggs on his back, and I wonder if Trainer is hurting because the Eggs are heavy. Trainer always walks with me when he hatches Eggs. I help Trainer's Eggs hatch faster, so Trainer is grateful to me for my body heat, but Trainer is the one doing me a favor. I cannot help my body of flame, but Trainer does not have to walk with me. Trainer is faster than I am, and where I crawl, grass and fresh sprouts wither and die. Trainers are not advised to walk with my species. But Trainer always does.
Trainer is kneeling down. Trainer seems sad. I crawl closer to investigate. The heavy eggs are lifted easily off of his back. Trainer has no trouble with them. He never has. Trainer is strong! Trainer can't be tired.
Is Trainer lonely? I crawl closer
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Cupcake Shoppe by Pyroluminescence Cupcake Shoppe :iconpyroluminescence:Pyroluminescence 58 11 Fire ID by Pyroluminescence Fire ID :iconpyroluminescence:Pyroluminescence 17 24


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