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Littlefinger / Petyr Baelish

He is change history of 7 kingdoms~
really important character.
He is bad? Yes!

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I just saw your work, nd its really amazing, I always wanted to draw my favorite character, and I will just want you to know that your work is kind of inspiration for me becoz faces ^^; r hard kind of thing to draw specially for me .

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Great work, my all time favorite character ...
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:) (Smile) Heart An very interesting character! 
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He really was the most dangerous man in Westeros.  
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and very sly and clever.
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Rest in peace, one of the best villains of all time.
He might be alive...
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How? I feel like that was a pretty clear death.
It's just a theory that somehow makes sense to me... and I wish and hopes that it's true. watch it here.
He had no conscience whatsoever, but he was such fun to watch.  All that sneaky genius....
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The expressions you have given all these characters, including this one are spot on! I'd love to see more :) (Smile) 
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my other favourite character 😍 he is such a brilliant mastermind.
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Nobody can forget that wicked smirk.
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