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Kiss [Game of Thrones]

In this weekend! It will happen~:happybounce: 

Want to say that Commissions are open again~!

General Commission Info HERE

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
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The dragon (forgot his name) is like "hey, that's mine!"

thedarklord418's avatar

I love the memes about this scene

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That didn't age well

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Drogon! Stop being Nosey! 😆
lol dragon is like "hmmm, third wheel feels..."
bloodbladealice890's avatar
Seriously crying over it? 😅
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I love this ship and art. Heart I think I've fainted. 
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THE SHIP IS REAL!!! :squee: :heart:
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I swear Drogon is making the 'awww yeah, get some!' face.  That aside, this is stunning :)  I love the little smile she's making.
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haha, yeah, dragon's face a bit funny XD Glad you like this details!
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Was that face deliberate, or did it just end up that way?  Either way, it gives the piece a little extra oomph, ya know?  I mean, sure they're made by CGI but they're always referred to as her children and they've developed personalities over the course of the series.  Cats and dogs are both very expressive about their feelings and thoughts, who's to say dragons can't be too?  They're living beings, not weapons or just fantastical things fluttering about in the background.
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And you were right.
Of course they were wearing less clothes when the time finally came.
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For the Watch!Added to my devWatch! 

I'm really happy to be stumbled on your GOT art. I wasn't a big fan of Jon and Dany because it was too predictable they'd ended up together, but allright alright... I'm slowly accepting, also thanks to your artwork :D
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oh, thank you for support! ^^
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So cute :heart:
Drogon looks amused by the situation :lol:
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yes, He is! haha
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Fire and Ice, 


Aunt and 
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