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Jon Snow / The King in the North

I decided to draw a series of portraits from the "Game of Thrones" since I need a realistic portrait practice.
And besides, I'm so excited by season 7 that can't be avoid to do art. :happybounce: 

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My dear Patrons will get:

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Yoroshiku onegaishimasu Thank you! Thank you! 
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Brilliant Jon Snow!  You can see the pain in his eyes....
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Beautiful art work. I love it.
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Absolutely fantastic, do you do commissions?
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he looks similar to elder maxson from fallout 4
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He looks fantastic! Very well done!
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Thank you! Do you watch GoT?
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I've read all the books and seen a good amount of the show. Great stuff!
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Круто! Как и всегда))
Да в роли короля Севера Джон становится сильнее и Таргариен того и гляди проснется)
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Спасибо! Да, очень волнительно что же будет дальше))
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Одно можно сказать точно: война!)
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You know nothing!
Do Kyungsoo Lol(excuse moi~I just had to make that joke) 
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