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Bullet Witch

Hi folks.
so, This is my first attempt to upload my

She is one from a shooting game called
'Bullet Witch', Alicia. This isnt really a goodgame,
but she is very hot and cool.
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Fun game but was to short
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She's so fascinating and dark...I don't have this game, but I know the character and i find her great:)
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I think Bullet Witch is the expiration of Bayonetta. 
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Liked the game never really got to play it but you make the character look cool
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sexy witch are hot!
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i have this game!
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only one thing define it all SEXY.... :) AWESOME WORK... KEEP IT UP.... :)
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Now all we need is Alicia, Bayonetta and Kurohime(all gun slinging witches) to go out in a no holds barred all out melee to see who comes out of top
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WOW that looks so good!
Anyways i liked the game altough the last boss took too long to beat ....
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Just when I thought she can't be sexier, I see this pic! I'm going to have to listen to the OST now
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Hmm, guess I'm amongst the minority that doesn't find the game crap, I'm enjoying it a lot so far.
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ah so many painful memories for defeating that last boss x_x.i always wanted another sequel but with out atari being it wont be as crappy as the first game.i still love it it though.
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Hi there! How long did this piece take you to draw/paint?

I think this is a very good piece, but I especially like the face the most. It is very detailed, proportional, and well shaded.
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Great work! :D Just letting you know that your art work has been featured in Cre8ive Commando's web design blog in the following post: "Digital art and illustrations of the 50 hottest video game girls".

You can see the post here: [link]
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wonderful work
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indeed, not the ebst game, but she is gorgeous... good portrayal
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that game is decent but you shouldn't have to dl the outfits
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