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Lady of the Blade


“Catherine, Lady of the Blade” card art  for the card game Argentum Age.

If you’re interested, you can try out the game, which is currently in alpha, here:!
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Hey, can you add/specify the license that citadel's art is for this artwork and any additional license(s) you'd like to make this available under?

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This looks so epic! And I love the design of the armor
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great drawing !!
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I like It so much
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This looks amazing! :wow: 
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Really nice. Reminds me of Jeanne D'Arc.
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Yo son, I wanna see more of this badass beauty, especially in her downtime when the armor is off.
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Truly a moment frozen in time. 

I could stare at those arrows over her head for hours
just waiting for them to move. Then the way the blood is dripping off of
her sword. Not even sure how to describe how much I like that effect. 
Her face looks tired, but hardened, as if whether or not the death
around her has an effect on her heart but she will never let it show.

I think my favorite part is actually the arrows. Time is standing still for this
swordswoman. It's easy to imagine how that can happen in the midst of battle. 
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very cool job ◠‿◠
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Awesome! Her armor looks realistic and looks functional unlike a lot of female "armor", which is really just a metal bikini that is next to useless. And the details on the flags and armors is fantastic! Nicely done!
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yes! that's how you do armor! I like the blood on her sword.
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Wow, looks great
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Reminds me of Joan of Arc. Nice job! :)
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terrific work!!!!
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A lady in proper fantasy fighting armor?  And just so well done as well is quite refreshing.  thank you for sharing.
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Thank you for the comment! :)
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Ohhhhhh!!!! AWESOME!!!
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