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House of Dalgon

The legend says that the old house on the top of Meadow Hill belonged to Dalgon - an old man who lead a very mysterious life. Some say he was the protector of the Meadow Hills who fought with dark powers of Xamoron, some say he was feeding his dragons with human flesh.
Now, that he is gone, nobody can really tell what the truth was. The only certain thing is that his unrested soul wanders around the house when the storm comes...
My own resources and SXC.

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lol i used the name dalgon thinking it was a random name that just poped up in my head. your concept of it is realy interesting and a bit different then mine. if you have copyright over the name dalgon then can you let me know becouse (Echo Dalgon) is an OC i created 5 years ago and that Ive been developing and if you have the rights to that name please tell me.