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Christmas ghost

This is a story about someone from a very far land, where winter never ends. It is called Topia and it is known as all winter and Christmas creatures' homeland. Scientists haven't located this place on a map and are very divided about it - those from Europe say it's somewhere on the north side of Scandinavian Peninsula, others that it is on the very far north of Canada. But no one has even a slightest idea where it really is. Topia is known for Santa, his servants, Winter and her daughter and many other famous characters. But one of the less known is the Christmas ghost who works only before and after Christmas. No one ever sees him, for he works during the night and he is even barely visible, because he always wears his black coat. He carries a torch that helps him lighten all the Christmas trees in Topia and later, after Christmas - to blow them out. He also carries a special power with him which lightens the Christmas spirit in every man's heart . I am pretty sure you didn't even know he existed and that is why I decided to tell you about him. So whenever you feel like Chrismas think about the Christmas ghost...
My own stock and imageafter.
I used this photo as a reference to draw the ghost: [link]

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