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Rust and Blood Texturepack No.2

This is my second rust/blood-themed texturepack with 20 high-resolution images. It's a major addition to my previous rust'n'blood texturepack. You may use this in any of your works if follow my stock rules below. All photos for this texturepack have been taken by me, Yän.


This texturepack features:
:bulletblack:20 different textures created out of ~ 5 individual photos
:bulletred:11 blood-textures
-:bulletred::bulletwhite:5 of them being on white ground, flat
-:bulletred::bulletblack:3 of them being on black ground, flat
-:bulletred::bulletwhite:3 of them having a 3D-look
:bulletorange:9 rust-textures
-:bulletgreen::bulletblue:4 of them showing copper rust on black ground
-:bulletorange:4 of them featuring orange-brown rust
-:bulletblue:1 glowing special version "Magic Rust"
:bulletwhite:pictures of a huge scale (up to 4320x3240px)
:bulletblack:high quality photography without any ugly noise (slightly compressed, ask me for uncompressed versions)
:bulletwhite: One reminder of my stock rules


Stock rules:
This is stock! You may use this in any way you want as long as it suits DA's rules. Just make sure that you give me credit with a link to THIS deviation page in your description AND put a link to your finished work into the comments of this deviation. If you're going to upload or use your work outside DA, please ask me first. For commercial usage ask me first too. If credit is given properly you may use this in commecial projects. However, you may not sell it as stock.
Most importantly: Have fun with this ;)

My first Rust/Blood-texturepack:…
My previous texturepack:…
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Thank you for this stock, which I have used here:  Laktismaphobia by Urceola
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So sick loooove them .
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Walking dead Zombiegirl by Veeutiful thank you i used here Golden Freddy Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's 
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nice work on these
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Glad you like them :)
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GREAT !!!!

I like it !!
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Thank you! Not a lot of usage so far though. Would be great to see what YOU can do with these ;)

Your new textures are also pretty damn fantastic, by the way.
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Thanks for using my stock. Looks nice and all but it would've been cool if you'd read my stock rules just a little more carefully. It's fine to create new stock using my stock but you're supposed to ask me first if 1. you're going to upload it outside (which you did) DA 2. you're going to make commercial use of it (which you did). I don't know if you're actually selling these and I'll give you permission to do so but asking doesn't hurt ;)
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Crap. O.o I'm sorry.  I must've gotten your rules confused with someone else's.  I should've double checked before posting.  My mistake it was late.
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It's cool, as long as it doesn't happen again :)
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Well thank YOU for faving it :) I'd love to see what you can do with it.
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