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Magical Forging

*Click "Download" for full sieze!*
This is me going crazy with special effects :D And it's me using my awsome magical skills to forge a beautiful ring ;)
In the fantasy-section, cause I think that it has a certain fantasy-kind-of-feeling to it.
I look kind of creepy here :noes:

++All the stock has been photographed/digitally created by myself.++
Brief tutorial (ask for further help):
What I've done here is a little self portrait taken with my camera. I then edited the background using one of my textures, took some of my photos of explosions to create the fireball in my hand (ask me for more precise tutorials) and added one of my textures to create that table. The next step was to get the effects in the center. I used my explosion-photography there again. Then I put in those flames from my hand to the center. The ring was the last thing that added to this work before I signed it and - you'd probably not guess this - it's made out of two of my fractals!
That's all I have to say about this, right now. Yep. I'm now a dark mage. And you may ask me about those Photoshop-tricks I used to create this.
Please write some comments below! I really want to know what you think about it! Any fair critique is also highly appreciated. ;)

Another work that uses me as a mage from the same photography session:
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3240x4320px 8.43 MB
Medion AG
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1/4 second
Focal Length
6 mm
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Date Taken
Aug 13, 2012, 9:56:04 PM
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SubWolfSphere's avatar
looks brutal man..can't wait to see more
YaensArt's avatar
:D Thanks, buddy! I'll try to make sure you won't have to wait too long!
PsychoDemon13's avatar
Still epic! Gods I wish I could do stuff like this!! :iconxd--plz:
YaensArt's avatar
Haha thanks again! Also for the :+devwatch:! With a little practice everyone can do this :) You've got Photoshop, right? If you want any hints on that, just ask away! I'd love to help you out ;)
PsychoDemon13's avatar
Your welcome and no sadly I don't I use to be in a class that did but right now I'm stuck with phone editing things lolz. But that would rock!! XD
YaensArt's avatar
The first step would be to get a decent programm. There are several good open source-programms for that, like Gimp or Paint.NET. I can't tell you as much about those as I could about photoshop but for actual photomanips they're definitely more useful than mobile tools :D Another hint that I'd give you would be to take a lot of photos of interesting stuff you see and save them in private stock-folders. That always keeps me inspired. Next thing to do would be putting pictures together, copying from selections and doing some colour correction. Anyway, if you're interested in that you can start right away and you'll learn a lot during the process ;) Feel free to ask me if you've got any more specific questions ^^
PsychoDemon13's avatar
I haven't heard of Paint.NET. but I have of GIMP I have that on my personal laptop and every school laptop/computer has it, and its great. And thank you very much XD. This really does help a lot lolz and I will
Chrisma60's avatar
wow...cooles Bild. Gefällt mir
YaensArt's avatar
Chrisma60's avatar
It's my pleasure :icontruesmiles:
FiaFreckles's avatar
Such an intense piece! I really like how you've shadowed the face :D
YaensArt's avatar
Haha the face kind of shadowed itsself (my face by the way;P)
Or it was more like the lighting that I set up for the photo.
Brianoneofmillions's avatar
Ein Ring sie zu knechten! :)
Fein gemacht!
YaensArt's avatar
Haha, ja genau :D Danke :>
ActsOfSin's avatar
Awesome! I love the reds you used. The Light effects look fantastic and really makes the picture pop! Brilliant work!
YaensArt's avatar
Thank you for commenting! I like this kind of colour usage too. And many others do - so some of my most famous deviations have those red tones. Nice that you like the light effects. Speaking of which: Could you please take some seconds to answer this poll about them:[link] That would really help me a lot. Thank you, have a nice day :)
ActsOfSin's avatar
no problem, and aye i'll have a look
Ravengirl241's avatar
this is really cool. Not something you see everyday :) Great job with the effects, it made the picture work together really well :D
YaensArt's avatar
Thank you for your nice comment. I actually did a little edit just now, I don't know if you notice it though. Just erased some errors about the effects to make them look even better :)
Ravengirl241's avatar
you are very welcome :) and thats good, my father taught me that sometimes errors are good and sometimes they aren't.
YaensArt's avatar
This time I'm pretty sure that they weren't ^^
But yeah, that's very true. Happy accidents happen from time to time.
Ravengirl241's avatar
and those are the best errors :3 to me at least lol
YaensArt's avatar
They definetly are! ^^
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