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Warrior King
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Published: January 11, 2019
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My first submission of 2019! Truth to be told, I actually made the sketch for this already in December but I only just this week managed to get around to colour it in. The reason is that I wanted to take time off in December, but also because I was very forgetful with my belongings :^).

I wanted to convey this sort of heavy but realistic power. I was sort of inspired by the game For Honor and its slow but heavy and meticulous combat. I also wanted to put in a lot of effort to the pillar breaking beneath the guy; I wanted to refrain from covering any difficult spots with smoke or debris. I think this way the result will also be better and more believable if nothing is left too unambiguous.

Also, I've found that in general a direct sunlight is more difficult to pull off than more ambiguous, soft ambient light. There's no telling which one is better, and it usually depends on the context. Here I think clear skies and nice sunny day contrasts nicely with the violence.
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ColourbrandHobbyist Digital Artist

I can so feel the power of this - I love this - and you got the smashing pillar to a T!!! I can feel that :D
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MercenaryBladeHobbyist Writer
Now that's a badass for you!
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"Normies get out, reeeee!  Fucking cucks, lawl, free Kekistan!  Deus vu--"
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vonPipkinHobbyist General Artist
The details on this badboy is awesome! Love the all the little visual cues for movement that just makes it a super dynamic picture. Also, tiger warriors. What not to like.
I think you pulled off the light really well, and I'm guessing it can be difficult for a number of reasons, but I'd list one of those as the sharpness of shadows and determining exactly how prominent they should be.
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Yacrical Digital Artist
Thanks a lot! I have only just recently started using more direct and sharp lighting; I really like drawings that get the drop shadows just right! It's really difficult tho, so I'm very glad to hear that you think I managed to pull it off :3.
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vonPipkinHobbyist General Artist
I have such trouble with those as well. In general, I feel like they can be very difficult to study and grasp, but yeah, I certainly think you pulled these off very nicely :D The bold lighting gives it such presence in my opinion.
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HydromelKingHobbyist General Artist
This warrior is a fierce beast !! Splendid work ! Clap 
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HavickArtHobbyist Digital Artist
cool tiger
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If you close your eyes and hear closely, you will hear the crushing of the bones of that knight
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xXDat1GuyXx's avatar
Wow 😮 Amazing painting
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Looks very beautiful. Could easily be a artwork from Guild Wars 2 Charr race. :P
Heretic1311's avatar
Looks smashing!
Like, literally :XD:
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I absolutely love this. I love the stance of the Conqueror ;) Can actually see the power behind the legs in this and that is something allot of people tend to forget. Power like this starts with the legs. This is why you never skip leg day people! And I really like the minimalistic detail in the background that could draw away from the actual focus point, being the fighters. Everything in this draws me to the middle. It's just great.
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Yacrical Digital Artist
Thanks a lot! The background shouldn't draw too much of your attention but it should be interesting enough not to feel empty or lacking
Also, I liked conqueror but the damage was a bit lacking in my opinion.
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Oh.. A friend of mine played Conqueror and no matter what I tried. He always kicked my ass sideways. Conqueror is really good at stunning and countering. He is a real boss on the field that is really difficult to stop, imo. He is usually my third or second option. My alltime first is the Gladiator. I just love the style and the combat of him. Even though the Gladiator is two proper types put in one, the Retiarii and the Hoplomachus. Which is a bit odd, but works.
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ThadalHobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, thats a king i would follow to battle
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Yacrical Digital Artist
Also give belly rubs :^)
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Yup, that's gonna leave a bruise..
Yacrical's avatar
Yacrical Digital Artist
'tis but a scratch!
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MadWolf8804Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's pretty awesome, man. :)
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great job, merveilleux !
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I love how this painting shows alot of omph in it! I totally think you succeded in replicating the same "power" that makes For Honor´s execution animations so satisfying :) Keep up the great work!
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