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This drawing was initially supposed to be a remake of Battlemage by Yacrical but I got sidetracked when I felt like I had changed way too many things. Now it's a martial arts tiger and that's alright! The drawing did take a bit too long to make but I had a bunch of irl stuff I needed to take care of, so that happens.
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The finishing from the initial idea makes you a great creator
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Aww thank you!! I still might do the remake at some point :D
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I saw this on Twitter and found you here totally by accident. This looks so damn cool!

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Oh haha that's a pretty nice coincidence :D. Thank you!!
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The lighting is super fun. I like the stark patches of light versus the shadows that blend in with the background.

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Thank you!! I guess it's a bit divisive choice as some like the shadows that blend in the bg and slme don't. Glad to hear it looks good :D
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just remember tigres from kung fu panda 😍🐼
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Haha I can see the resemblance now that you mention it :D
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right 🤣😍
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Instant favorite!

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Aww thank you!
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Hmm, while I do like this drawing, I feel like it had a lot more potential. If I had to make an overall judgement I'd say that it feels like this drawing (at least the coloring process) feels a bit rushed. The pose itself is fantastic, but I think the coloring could have been even better than it is here. The details in certain places are definitely there, but I just don't see the overall harmony between everything that your other drawings usually have. I don't know why exactly that is unfortunately, because again, looking at specific areas, it shows that you put in the effort, but I guess the big overall bright lighting together with the empty background just doesn't click with me as much. 
Sorry I couldn't be of better help, but I didn't want to be untruthful when leaving a comment here. 
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Thank you so much for the honest feedback! I can see what the issues are although I can tell that it definitely wasn't rushed :^). The empty background probably puts way more focus on the character than it can withstand so it's a good lesson on that I should always do the bg :D.

Thanks for the comment!! :3
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This looks really nice!

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