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office 2010 vs RC prev UPD

updated: 25/04/2010
now it is not just a mock-up, it is real ,and I just love its look ,some part needs to be improved ,but the hardest work is done(I hope so) ,there are a few little bugs in the NSCHost( my programs), but easy to fix ,I also do my best in search panel ,I played with gradients and shadows ,so it is not as ugly as the previous preview, I didn't find any way to add a magnifier (water mark), but it is not very important =)
a huge thanks for everyone who helped me with wsb ( spécialement toi Raj ;p)

comments and suggestions are welcome!


this is a small preview of the start menu of office 2010 vs RC, it still a psd file (means it is not real so far) but the biggest work is done ,i made every part,it took me about 1 or two hours, the problem is that i don't have any idea to make the top of the programs list and place list bigger,i would appreciate if someone help me out with wsb, i am also working on another start menu prototype ,both will be included with the rc, the beta version got an unexpected success out of deviant art, and the principal critics were about the start menu look and the orb, so i will work more on them in the Rc version
i will also will fix many bugs in the vs (pixelated shellpane, menus hoevers,selected items) , redone the window frames
add a round version, a basic version ,new back forward buttons, new wallpapers made by me , a skin for windows media player (already done ) a new orbs ,and much more

note: the start menu will looks better with the windows blur, and i cant make the search space transparent ,because the blur is broken in this area of start menu , blame Microsoft !!

comments are welcome
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hey,man,where can i get ur theme pack?anyway!great job~~
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y29 - "your hardwork is paying off in "leaps and bounds" my friend - this is also brilliant workmanship !!"
yacine29's avatar
thank you very much :)
lylyhoang's avatar
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glad you like it =)
kAtz93's avatar
looking good :)
you can just add that text into the image and use sizingmargins to keep that part of the image,i believe that'll work ;)
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thanks,i didn't understand exactly what you mean :?
DJClotz's avatar
Putain c sexe!!!

Absolument oui, vasy, VASY!!

Nn mai c enorme =D
yacine29's avatar
merci beaucoup =), ça me donne plus envie de finir le thème maintenant!
AtheneRa's avatar
Ah, t'as eu la même idée qu'moi, pour un style LH Oxygène que j'avais fais en Janvier. ^^;

Ça rend très bien sur un style comme celui-ci. ^^
yacine29's avatar
merci!,j'avais cette idée depuis un bon bout de temps,mais je n'avais pas assez de connaissance pour le faire =)
jolie gallérie en passant!^-^
caeszer's avatar
wow..that's good though!=)
Small suggestion: Move down the user pic completely inside the upper places list, trust'll be more awesome!:thumbsup:
yacine29's avatar
thanks, i thought to move down the user-pic in my previous concept,i just forgot to do it =)
caeszer's avatar
No problems..keep it up bro!=)
IKariDing's avatar
Good update!
I love its look, too.=D

It's really better than previous one and beta version. How amazing it is.

Keep expecting to see more updates and the RC release.:)
yacine29's avatar
thank you very much,when i will finish,i will give you a link to download the vs for testing it before the release =)
IKariDing's avatar
Thanks you friend.
That's my honor.:)
krissirk's avatar
trés belle transparence, beau travail :thumbsup:
yacine29's avatar
merci beaucoup Adel!
Restricti0n's avatar
very nice, are you going to release it May 12th? (same day as Office 2010 release)
yacine29's avatar
thank you ,the rc version will be released before may 12th, and the final 12th =D
will this include the port to vista as well?
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