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Office 2010 vs RC


Office 2010 vs has been ported to windows 8.1 by Double-Rainbow-Ei8ht ,check it out => double-rainbow-ei8ht.deviantar…


Hello everyone!

it been a while since I haven't submit any visual style,this version of my office vs is a lot better than the previous one with a tone of improvements ,almost every part of the vs was changed

content of the Package:
-office vs
-office vs mods(substyles)
-registry tweaks
-read me.rtf(e very complete guide,with instructions and tips so you can easily use the theme even if you are a noob ;))

the visual style was tested in both x86 and x64 versions of windows 7,it worked fine,so if you are having problems when trying to use the theme ,read carefully the instructions in the read me file

I am sorry for those who were expecting the vista port and the basic version,but i didn't get enough time ,if anyone want to port the vs to vista,it is ok!=D

the theme needs aero enabled,if it not enabled read the read me file there are several ways to enable/force aero in win7

-special thanks:
a huge thanks to RajTheeban95,for the help with wsb,the suggestions ,the beta-test of the vs ,and the support!
and also to those who tested the vs and reported bugsIKariDing , ArchangelRiddlah , WyzoMan , K-Ikki
and to everyone who supported me and gave me suggestions and ideas!

a lot of improvement are coming with the final version,the theme will be perfected ,every bug,every misplaced pixel will be fixed =),stay connected!

if you like the theme ,add it to your favorites,or add me in your watch list… to be informed when the vs will be updated

you want to create your own visual style ,join the windows-7-users group and read some exclusive tutorials

comments are welcome!
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The themes are very nice.
However there is a common issue in this series--buttons in Firefox dialogs become very wider than usual. Could you please fix it?
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Thank you :)
Unfortunately i am no longer working on windows 7 themes 
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i've saw in your package there is many .themes files, can I know the difference, is the office 2010 vs.theme include stuff from all others, also, can we customize color.
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Les autres thèmes c'est des variantes du thème principale
Pour les couleurs ,si tu parle de la couleur des fenêtres, oui tu peu la changer ,sinon si tu parle de la couleur de l'explorateur (les bandes bleu ,vertes rouges..etc) en bas de l'explorateur ,elles changent en fonction du type du contenu du dossier ouvert (rouges pour les video ,vertes pour les photos par exemple)
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You speak french!!! Like me!!!:D (Big Grin) 
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Unfortunately i cannot fave this a second time. But I'm glad that someone ported it. Your work really deserves attention. Maybe this motivates you to do some new stuff.:D (I know you don't have the time. Only dreaming)
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Thank you so much my friend :D
It actually really motivated me to come back again to customization :)
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This would be great. There are a lot of themes around DA. But honestly some of them are really ugly. So it's time to show how a great VS has to look like.:)
Hey can you port to windows 8.1 please
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nice win7 theme~~thanks for ur great job,man!!
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 Thank you very much :aww:
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Absolutely amazing theme.


As far as the animated shell styles go... which ones?
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Thank you :aww:
I didn't understand the question...
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You're welcome.

In the image, it says "a multi color and animated shellstyles" ...

I was wondering, what exactly do you mean by "animated?"
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When you open a new folder or when you select a file there is an animation on the shellstyle (the bottom part of the windows explorer)
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Hey how to download that theme?
wow truly beautiful dude! awesome work....the simplicity and colors really come together........would it be possible to change the yellow progress and drive bars to blue?...thats the only minor change that will make it perfect for me
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thank you very much :)
sorry I am no longer using windows 7 :/
np thx for the theme anyways...r u planning on making windows 8 themes or r u done with customizations
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yes I am planning to work on windows 8 visual styles :)
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