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Meteora vs -preview-

Hello everyone!

this is a preview of a new theme I am working on ,I tried to be a bit innovative ,and to create something very unique

-1-The explorer:
-tabs?: the idea is to put the address bar on the bottom ,and to replace the arrow with a (+)

-back forward buttons: I don't know if it is technically possible to do ,at least ,I hope so

-tree view: a new design :)

-2-The startmenu:

I already managed to add titles on the top of the startmenu on my office 2010 vs [link] , a preview : [link]

-2-The taskbar: :

I noticed that hovered taskbar buttons looks pretty ugly in many visual styles here in da ,
the too buttons in the last screenshot shows how they should look on the vs

icons on the taskbar are made by me ,it creates an uniformity effects with the rest of the vs =) (the orb too)

comments are welcome
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404 not found :)
ehm..i want to have it :| (Blank Stare) :( (Sad) 
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This VS was unfinished, yes? Because I see that it was uploaded on 2011 e_e
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I lost interest on customization stuff a long time ago ,actually someone tried to create it [link]
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Too bad that it wasn't possible to create exactly the same style as in the screenshot :C
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it is the best he can do I guess
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Yeah, it doesn't look bad. It looks pretty good. But the one in the ss is really cool. I love that design.
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so hanging out for this.
Well I have a request if you do
Need a nice and simple logo for this site, theme of site will changed soon
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Aonde eu consigo o PSD?
Eu não encontrei!
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clique em "download" (canto superior direito)
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Aonde eu consigo os icones Meteora?
Você pode disponibilizar eles por download?
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eles são incluídos no arquivo psd
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excellent work i wait for download
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thanks,here is a beta version of the theme [link]
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Beautiful........ Many Thanks.........
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some one did this visual style and I'm using it already it's magnifique :llama: I love it
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