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Aero x Final for win7

the final version you was waiting for!

aero x ,the most colorful visual style for windows seven
aero x is now an application ,made in visual basic ,it's very easy to install,and works fine without any probleme in the logon

-when creating aero x,i tried to give life to the very sad default interface Windows Seven
-this is the final version of aero x ,but that doesn't mean it's the last version

this application contain :
-theme patcher x86
-theme patcher x64
-4 visual styles "blue ,purple,sky,and pink"
-links to the wallpapers "which are in the previews "

that mean ,aero x is not a visual styles,it's 4 styles every
one, with its own orb, colors and progress bars,to satisfy the tastes of each of you,and available in tow version with and without the bales in the background of the windows

-install the theme patcher before the vs
-you don't know how to change the orb ? [link] it will help you

Don't Release/Distribute Modified Versions of This Theme/application or Anypart Without My Written Permission

comments are welcome!
© 2009 - 2021 yacine29
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How do you change the Aero Blur image? or whatever its called... how you got the cool circles there.
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Using a software called "windows style builder"
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you've changed too less things.
the worst thing on themes like this are that nobody cares about the button colors, tab colors etc. Cyan buttons does not really fit into a pink theme, don't you think so?
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this is the first win7 visual style I made (and one of the first themes ever made)
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I only ask that the colors stand out, newly installed programs or new is a different color than blue, is that I personally hate the blue, that is I like the clothes but seeing it in the interface of the PC I do not like, I hate with hate jarocho.
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I didn't understand...
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Yay!! more Awesome!! :)
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Y Welcome!!! :)
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awesome man the pink wallpaper can you give it to me ?
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I couldn't find it
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and can you give the Best wallpaper 2010 folder ? plz
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never mind mate i found its here :-
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Really pretty!
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hey, someitmes the little circles get stretched on my computer, dunno if its a resolution issue, other then that, good style
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y29 - "really superb & beautiful work my good friend - well done as alway's !!"
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What's that thing called on top that has all the huge icons?
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