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duchess and slave

By yacermino
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She has always been my favorite of your drawings .I have a lot of Her and love to see more of Her  : )
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The duchess looks strong and powerful, makes me wish I was serving her
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I just love her 'I don't care' expression.
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I love her boots!
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Epic pic, yacermino. The beauty of her body and face contrasts perfectly with the haughty superiority of her semi-cruel expression and body language - not to mention the ever-present threat of her wickedly wielded whip.

His demeanor and posture tell a story all its own as well. He'd obviously better toe the line with her, and speaking of toes - she doesn't seem overly concerned about the awkward (well, awkward for him anyway) position of her right foot's toes! I wonder what's in store for him should he be so impertinent as to , er, shall we say, ... respond?

FAVE. A thousand times over, fave.
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excellent drawing!
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Also, I definitely see the Eric Stanton influence.
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Yes, of course, I love Stanton works. I wish more fetish drawers today would take their inspiration in his works, but it isn't the case.
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Yes, he made the gorgeous women in his art powerful but also made the men who were dominated by those beautiful women seem virile as well. Everything in his work, and in yours, has a healthy sexualized quality even within the fantasy aspect.
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That's a nice compliment !
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Powerful image, nicely drawn.

Love to see more if this is part of an imagined series.

Can't help but imagine myself in his place, so ideally you've depicted The Duchess/His Mistress -- the classically sleek, cold dark-haired beauty in leather and heels, the way she's just allowing him the barest touch of her -- all the most Classic elements of such a fantasy. Like a dream come true.
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Thank you for this kind comment.
Duchess von Dominax is a character of mine, main villainess of the two comic books stories that I've drawed : "captives of the pirates island" and "in the claws of Lady Sung".
You can read them in full on my yahoo group:
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Yes. I'll look up your comic work on Yahoo. But please post any similar pieces with the Duchess and Her helpless male slaves. She's great! :) Its some sexy stuff. And rare in its intent (in a good way!).
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Okay, I'll look after some more...
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Yes, what I liked best about this image was that they are both sexy: the Duchess is a stunning, cruel and beautiful dominatrix and Her slave isn;t a wimp or a fool but looks like a conquered warrior She had dominated by Her own power.

Would love to see anything similar. It's rare finding good comic art stuff of males being enslaved by such beautiful Women. :)
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I think you will like the next pages of "dungeon of Tortures", which I'm publishing right now on deviantart...
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That's a beautiful duchess.
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And deadly too.
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