Savior [Eren x TitanShifter!Reader] {Slight!Annie}

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You ran desperately through the halls of the Survey Corps' large headquarters.

"We have to find her!" you could hear the ones that used to be your comrades as they searched frantically for you, eager to capture you before you escaped their grasp. Little did they know that you were willingly giving yourself up. As you ran towards the hall that lead to the dungeon you looked at the sight of the setting sun, a sight you wouldn't be able to see in a very long time. With that memory etched deeply in your mind you descended down the stairs.

"{Name!}" An all too familiar voice cried out to you from behind making you run even faster.

'Why did it have to be this way? I didn't ask to be a damn titan shifter! I'd give anything to be normal!' You thought bitterly as tears fell from your eyes.

"{Name}, wait!" You knew that voice well, it belonged to the one you loved and loved you back with a deep passion.

'Eren... I'm so sorry' you lamented as your heart broke and more tears fell from your eyes.

"{Name} wait! We just want to discuss this!" Armin yelled out of breath

"Yeah! We just want to talk! Tell us what's going on!"

"It's no good Jean, she won't listen" Mikasa said coldly.

'Amazing that even now she disliked me but guess she did it with reason.' You reached your destination and locked the heavy and thick wooden door behind you. You turned towards the center of the room, there bound in countless chains in a crystallized slumber was your best friend.

"Annie..." You said walking towards her ignoring the strong pounding behind you.


You ran towards your childhood friend as she walked alone in the woods near the training field behind her home.

"{Name}? What are you doing here?" You smiled softly at her usual blank expression

"Do I need a reason to come see my best friend" She smiled softly but as soon as it appeared it was replaced by a sorrowful expression

"Annie?" You said worried as you took a step forward 

"The day's coming soon, you know..." The hand that you started to outstretch froze along with your body. Taking notice of this she looked at you.

"The day we have to kill all those people in the outer wall..." Your hands came to rest shakily on your chest as you held them tight.

"I don't want to do this! It isn't right! Especially if it's innocent people!" 

"I know, but we have no choice, we're titan shifters, we're warriors" Tears started to roll down you cheeks 

"I never asked to be a titan shifter!"

"Neither did I but there's no use wallowing in our self pity about it, we could never be normal"

"I don't care! I want to be! I won't kill innocent people! I'll help them!" you took Annie's hand "Please Annie, as my best friend, come with me. Help me!" You begged with pleading eyes to which she looked away from.

"I'm sorry..." your expression turned gloom at her response and you backed away

"I see... Well could you at least promise me something?" She glanced at you

"What?" You extended your pinkie raised hand

"Promise me we'll always be best friends, no matter what" She smiled softly and intertwined her pinkie with yours

"I promise"

>>End of flashback>>

You smiled bitterly at the memory as you touched the ice cold crystal your best friend slept calmly in.

"Guess the jig is up, huh Annie? It's amazing how my life could come crashing down in just a matter of seconds. Those two damn bastards... They just couldn't let me be happy in peace. I don't want to to hurt anyone, their cause is not mine so why should I fight for it?" You laughed bitterly as more hot tears rolled down your cheeks

"I had it all... a home, friends and someone to love... Oh, if only you would have seen the look on his face when he saw the knife wound Reiner made in my stomach heal right up, he looked horrified" The banging on the door increased and you turned your head towards it slightly surprised.

"Listen up brat, I don't know the fuck is going on here but you better open this fucking door right now!" you stayed quiet "Brat, I know you can fucking hear me!"

"{Name}! Please, just tell us what's going on!" Eren pleaded "Was it all a lie?" You could hear the hurt in his voice as you walked towards the door as your heart broke.

"Tell me, did you mean it when you said that you loved me and your life here? Did you mean it when you said you were happy?" More tears fell fell from your eyes and a bitter smile decorated your features as you leaned to rest you head on the door.

"I did, I always did... I loved and still love you and everyone here, nothing has ever made me happier and nothing could ever compare to how valuable you all are to me"

"Then come out! We know you haven't hurt anyone! Every time an attack would happen you were with us fighting! Nobody can deny it!" You laughed bitterly

"Yes, please {Name}!" Jean pleaded "We've been friends since we met, there's no one in the world I'd trust more than you!"

"That's right! No matter what you're still you, you've saved my sorry ass more times than I can count and even when I found out about my titan shifting, you never left my side, you supported me through it all! Damn it! Weren't you the one who said you always protect what you loved?!" You gave a bitter smile as you wept

"But that's what I'm doing Eren, it's because I love you and everyone in the scouts that I'm doing this, if I tell you the truth I'll put you all in more danger than you already are and I can't do that, I won't do it!"

"{Name} please! Come out, you'll die if you stay in there!"

"I won't, in fact this is where I belong, with my best friend, both enemies of humanity in a crystallized slumber until the time comes..."

"Wait! No!" He slammed his fists on the door desperately trying to tear it down "Don't do it! I'm begging you!" you turned away from the door and bit your finger just enough for it to start to bleed. Afterwards you started to make your way to your best friend that stood with that always blank expression in that beautiful crystal.

"You won' be alone anymore Annie... I'm here to keep you company my dearest friend, until the time comes, until the day he defeats the one who cursed us, which I have no doubt he will..."

You heard the sound of the door being broken, you turned around to find that someone -the lance corporal no doubt- had used blades to start to chop the door down. You moved to stand next to the crystal, watching with a sad smile and an endless fountain of tears that came from your eyes, as they destroyed the wooden door. Through the hole that was made you could see Eren's frantic expression as he desperately tried to get through and how his eyes shone brightly because of the tears that decorated them.

'How I'll miss those eyes...' you thought as you started to focus your power making your body glow a bright golden-green light

"{Name}!" Eren screamed as he ripped the last bit of the door he needed to get through and fell on his knees


"{Name} don't!" He begged as he stood up and ran towards you

"...I love you, please... save us, all of us..." With that you closed your eyes and released your power.

"{Name}! NO!" and afterwards everything faded into darkness...

Eren's P.O.V.

I was desperately running towards you 'I can't lose her too!' was the only thought the crossed my mind until you spoke up

"...I love you, please... save us, all of us..." The statement confused me but I didn't stop and when I saw you close your tear stained eyes with a bitter smile, I screamed my plea, the only plea I wanted just as much or maybe even more than eliminating the disgusting titan race from the earth.

"{Name}! NO!" Then a wave of steam pushed me back a few feet making me land face down. I coughed as I slowly raised my head, watching as the steam slowly started to group on the spot you were and gained speed by the second until it disappeared, revealing a crystal identical to Annie's, the only difference was that you were in it.

"No..." I said as I walked towards your frozen form

"Please no..." As I touched the solid cold surface, tears rolled off my cheeks. I looked up to you, even in that state you were beautiful, your tears were frozen in place along with that smile, but it looked a bit more happy than sad, and finally with wide welcoming arms, as if telling me that one day you would come back to me and then I remembered what you said.

"I don't understand what you meant but if you need to be saved I'll do it! Whatever it takes!" I squeezed my fist shut "I'll bring you back and then we'll be together, happy and together, I'll never let you go again, I swear it!" This would be my vow and eternal wish.
So this is my first attempt at angst so I don't think it's very good but anyways I hope you enjoy it! Remember comments, faves and constructive criticism is always welcome and appreciated!

I own nothing but the plot!
© 2015 - 2021 yabre12
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The tears are too much!
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Noooooo the feels
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*grins* Nice!
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Ahh so amazing!!
If only there was a sequel!!
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I'm on my knees begging for a sequel, please please please please PLEASE make a sequel.I love this so much I cried, I love your writing! But please do make a sequel. 
LOVE YOU! Keep your eyes bright!
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I cried so much...
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There's gotta be a sequel to this
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we need a sequel

PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL PLEASE !!!!Llama Emoji-66 (Orly) [V3] they see tem rollin' [[ICON]] Dog Face Caddy Wtf Intensifies 
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You made me cry

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The feels.......*dies of too much sad angst*
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The feels... the feels God... This is perfect Fangirl 
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Ohmygoshthisisawesome!Iagreewiththepwoplwwhowantasequel! * Sqeals * 
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I want to demand a sequel but that'd be rude... but I want a sequel XD
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Holy God my feelings * still crying * Danisnotonfire: FEELS Spam-in-a-Box: NOOO  ;- ;
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