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so, this past friday i graduated college. with honors. and best of show. 
took me way longer than i wanted it to, but i finally made it! 
bachelor's of fine arts - photography = ALL MINE!
now i have time to do all the projects i have been wanting to do for the past 4 years ^_^
this also means that, in case anyone still watches, i should be able to post new stuffs soonish!

still tryna get used to the idea that i don't have homework, that i don't have somewhere to be tomorrow, that i finally have TIME to actually do things i WANT to do, not HAVE to do.... this is such a weird feeling...

if you were so interested, you might check out one of my websites! (my portfolio site)
or (my full-gallery/client site)
So, I went and got myself a little Etsy Shop!
Over the years, I have been making all these crafty things
but had no idea what to do with them. Well, now I know!
Check it out!
I've got more things for more categories that I will be
adding in the coming weeks, but this is a great start :clap:

Etsy - MCSPhotoCrafts…

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Edited Feb 17~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Some of my prints are now for sale! Prints, Canvases, Mouse Pads, Magnets, Coffee Mugs, And More!!

yesterday was a good day

i got an award for being on the president's list for a 4.0GPA for the 2nd quarter in a row! i have been working really hard to get my grades up and my hard work is paying off :) mostly i like the parking pass that comes as an additional prize - parking your car directly in beating texas summer sun for hours on end is NOT the nicest thing to do prior to driving said car. especially after a long day in classes... i am ridiculously thankful for the covered parking!

my gallery show also ended yesterday. time to find a new place to display the Lost Soles Project! i'll update when i find a new place :D
it was really nice to see my images up in the gallery... now they're all wrapped up in protective plastic bags in a stack. i don't like that. they want to tell their stories! all i get now is muffled mumbling. the one on top keeps giving me dirty looks... i need to get them up fast - i fear they are plotting a revolution! :giggle:
in the whirlwind of good luck i have been having as of late, there has been yet ANOTHER AWESOME thing to add to the list!

I have been asked to present 17 pieces in a gallery exhibit! i just sent my artist statement, bio, and image for the invitation postcard to the coordinator a minute ago and the pangs of nervousness are starting to set in! gotta get my prints made, matted, and mounted so they can go up monday morning :excited:

i'll hafta update on how this all works out, but OMG i am giddy!!
spring quarter comes to a close....

well, i've gotten perfect attendance for 2 quarters, then after Dean's list and NTHS i upgraded to FULL TIME STUDENT, perfect attendance for winter quarter, President's List (4.0) for winter quarter AAANNNDDD Student of the Winter Quarter!!!!!

My kitty came home from the vet today better than he's been in weeks, and i have 2 vacations planned in less than a month - one to see my hub's fam (and hopefully most of mine!) and 4 days in a beach cabin...
...i mean, really...... how does it get better?!?!?!?!?

~*~*~*~*~05.23.12 EDIT~*~*~*~*~
marystephensphotography.blogsp… new blog post detailing BOTH books i recently had made. check it out!! there's some new pics that i havent posted here on dA yet :)… (my blurb account) if you just wanna check out my books. preview option will let you look though the book.

2012 rocks my stripy socks >.<
where to begin?!?!?
well, school is ROCKIN!! I made Dean's List and was also invited to National Technical Honor's Society this summer/fall. pretty cool!! i really enjoyed my classes last quarter (SU) and this quarter, though slow, has been pretty darn fun as well! i decided a while back that i'm not the fondest of photojournalism, but my editorial journalism class has been ok. i have been working on a story about a family with a road-side cross. Husband/Dad was on a motorcycle and some old lady didn't see him. my story is on the family that had to keep on going. it was hard to shoot. even harder to ask the questions, but i had to do it and as far as i can tell, it was good for her too.

printing class is pretty groovy! we did cyanotypes a couple weeks ago... of the 4 i did only one made the cut (as far as i'm concerned...). maybe i'll scan it so i can share. it was fun! we printed negatives and mixed the chemicals, painted our mediums and sat in the sun.... DEFINITELY a more hands-on class than i've had in a while! today i printed one of my HDR images, printed on super-matte paper (AWESOME), and printed on metallic paper. i REALLY like the metallic paper!!

creative concepts class is by far my most challenging! my main project this quarter is called "things that go in my mouth with bugs on them". really, i tried to make it a short title, but well.... how else could i describe it without a whole paragraph?? it actually started with the pic i did a few months ago of a fly on my toothbrush. after this class started i took another picture - this time of a honeybee on a lollipop. i recognized a pattern and decided i could probably find enough bugs to complete the necessary images for the project. it has proven difficult!!! i did not expect it to get as cold as it has as fast as it has so a LOT of the bugs i was hoping to find have gone away!! :( i have a spider in one jar and a scorpion in another so that's at least 2 pics i can get done! maybe i can find some tomorrow.... i still have 1 week to get 4 more pictures with 4 different bugs. i can do this!!

my birthday was early-ish november and my hubby gave me a wonderful surprise!! he took some extra time off from work and we took a nice weekend trip! i wasn't allowed to know where so it would be a surprise ^_^ we left late at night and he let me sleep for 6 of the 8 hours we were on the road (8 hours of driving!! GO HUBBY!!) when i woke up we were on south padre island just in time for me to set up and capture some BEA-UTI-FUL pictures of sunrise!! the whole weekend was amazing and i can't wait to go back!

earlier this summer we took another road trip that landed us in florida. we camped at a beach campground and then adventured our way back home. if i remember correctly it was st. george island and then we followed the coast most of the way back until it was time to book it home. i'm so lucky to have someone i can road trip with!! there aren't many people i could spend THAT much time in THAT CLOSE proximity for THAT period of time!! another AMAZING adventure :heart:

xmas in in a few weeks and i am looking forward to the break!! time to get organized for next year. i've started a photography business and it'll be nice to have everything ready and waiting when i need it!
Winter quarter is almost over... Wow! What an adventurous 11 weeks! I have stepped down as the Photography Club President at school. 5 terms was about 3 too many and it just wasn't my turn anymore. It's up to the rest of the group to figure it out now!! The day I made my announcement to "retire" I was invited to be one of the founding members of the AIH-N Director's Council. I get to be the voice of the students and I have already seen progress! That's a neat feeling when you can step back and see that you got to help make a difference in something big :D

A little over a week ago I was inducted to the National Technical Honors Society. That was pretty cool too!! I may be a part time student but I try really hard to keep my grades as high as they can be... It was super nice to be recognized for my hard work. I figure the grades I get now will reflect the CHECKS I will be getting later, so it's better to get in the habit of hard work, right? Never really liked it, but I'm also not afraid of it!! BRING IT!!!

My other somethings big are that I have finally put together a website of my own. It was part of the final project for my portfolio class and I got it "done" a week early! As it is a portfolio website there will be many changes made over the coming weeks and I am so excited!! It was a daunting project for someone like myself who has ZERO experience in that arena, but the templates made it easier so.......

Check it out!!…
Also, I suppose as a supplement, there is also my bloggity blog! marystephensphotography.blogsp…

Yeah, I will still be posting here on dA, and i will DEFINITELY still be checkin out everyone's great works here so no worries  :giggle:

I hope everyone is ready for a nice Spring Thaw.... if the weather around here is any indication then it will be AWESOME!!!


Journal Entry: Mon Dec 20, 2010, 11:31 AM

Today is officially my first day of xmas vacation! I will be off for the next three weeks :D That’s a good thing cause I have a long list of things to get done… Since our friend, William, moved in with us I have someone here to help me when I want to get a big project done during the day. Things are going to change for the better and I suppose it’s appropriate what with the coming of the new year and all that…

Speaking of the new year…
Grades haven’t been posted yet, but I’m SURE I did well in Photographic Design, I already know I got a “B” in Architectural Photography, and Photographic Criticism should be good, too. I got high grades on all my essays so I am optimistic.
As far as I know I’m registered for next quarter… They’ve changed the Monday classes like 3 times now. It’s not their fault as the instructor backed out of the job, but its still somewhat inconvenient to have to go and rearrange your schedule 3 times because of it…. Ah well. It’s done now, as far as I know, and that’s what matters! No complaining! I’m on vacation! Getting stuff done!!

HAA HAA!! Getting stuff done…
I am putting together a tutorial on how to build a ringlight adapter for an SB Speedlight. I’ve made 2 so far and they may look a bit crude (depending on how much work you put into detail) but they work SUPER!!!!! Now that I’m out of class and homework and all that I will have plenty of time to put it together – YAY!
:w00t: I should have something worthwhile and amusing to share in a few days or so!!

The weather here is just as erratic as ever. Last week it was taking a turn towards a chill… We closed the windows and turned on the heat. Today its 73*. Maybe if it gets “cold” again I think I can talk the guys into a bonfire… they like burning stuff – that should be FUN!!! :excited: We just got a big box of steaks as an early xmas gift so there could be some grillin in my future as well
THANK YOU!!!!!! :chew:

On the homefront…
Duncan is getting big. He’s finally figuring out that he has awesome jumping powers… starting slowly. Until now that cat would climb up the side of the baby gate, slink over the top, and half climb down the other side! :laughing: He’s getting it now though. I think he can jump to the barstools now so that’s cool. Way to go Duncan! He’s also trying very hard to be friends with William’s cat. She won’t come out of his room yet so Duncan goes in to see her. She hates him. He has no idea! *facepalm*

Get outta here!!! :wave:
Hope you all have an extra wonderful xmas and new years and boxing day and hangovers or whatever….. just be careful! Watch out for falling objects …OOOH! And crazy people – they won’t be looking out for YOU!


Journal Entry: Mon Oct 11, 2010, 3:51 PM

its sticky! what? the useless poll of the week!!!…

Fall quarter is now 1 week in and it looks like it will be a busy, but WAY fun quarter!! My photo design class syllabus says we're gonna do some stuff that has potential for being friggin AWESOME! We're going to be using photoshop a lot more than I anticipated, but thats cool... I way dig photoshop! Architectural photography class seems like it will be the toughest. He's got us scheduling for group projects that require us to be shooting AS A GROUP at DAWN in locations that we, as a group, scout for the assignment. I need to find someone with a REALLY nice house so we can do the editorial assignment on interiors/exteriors, and then I gotta find a really nice office building so we can do some commercial shots.... anyone got ideas? Criticism class is already hilarious :laughing: The first day and the teacher was already hinting that I should have brought cookies. I told him i'd see what I could do for this week :XD:

We decided on a name for forest kitty... His name is Duncan. He was named after Duncan Idaho from the Dune books.... He's so sharp and pointy I look like I get into knife fights on a regular basis. Duncan Idaho, for those who don't know, was very good with a knife :D

I posted some pics this afternoon of my latest "critter find". An awesome black widow that had built her web on the window of my front porch. Normally they like quiet wooded areas or up in the eaves of your house, but she's right at the top of the patio door - in full Texas sun where we walk regularly... not a good choice for her, she will have to be removed. Especially because she's got 2 nice fat egg sacs that are just waiting to explode with more little doom spiders :omfg:

Hope your week is filled with adventure! :peace:

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Journal Entry: Thu Sep 16, 2010, 10:34 PM

its sticky! what? the useless poll of the week!!!…

well, next week is finals week... i think i'm probably gonna do ok.... its been an easy quarter so i'm looking forward to a challenge next time!! I learned a few things this go around... 1) it is not worth arguing ANY point with SOMe people... 2) will probably be transferring to a community college or something to take the basic education classes they require me to take. though, they DO offer a nifty thing they were calling the "4+1" - if you were taking 4 classes with them then you could also enroll at a community college to do the basic ed classes for transferred credits. its a handy thing if you could go full time. i could also be an honors student if i could go full time.

3) i need to find a job.

been kinda workin on that, but not nearly as hard as i need to. this whole quarter has been weird... i'm hoping for better focus for next quarter :shrug:

on the homefront - forest kitty came outta the woods about a week ago. he was hangin out with the J's and scrappin up any of their biscuit leftovers. we got him to trust us by chuckin him bits of kitty food. now he lives inside and is being SLLLOOOWWWWWWLY introduced to the rest of the family. he met goblin the other day... goblin was much less than impressed. but its just about what i expected from a big fat tom like him! lol still havent figured a name for the little cat yet so for now he gets to be "forest kitty". he's super fun! insanely playful - if it moves it needs attacked! and way way cuddly! its still early, but i dont necessarily think that "feral" had time to really set in with him... we'll see though, but im optimistic :thumbsup::nod:

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midterms, scooby doo, and griddlecakes

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 22, 2010, 8:15 PM

don't forget the super duper useless poll!!… part of a balanced breakfast!

so im apparently rockin it out this quarter - i am pleased with my midterm grades :#1:
i'm all registered for next quarter too. i'll be taking photo design, architectural photography, and criticism. should be fun - i already know two of the teachers ima have. one of them is pretty chill :laughing: he reminds me a bit of shaggy from scooby doo cept he's got glasses and isnt a pot head. he does sport a goatee though.... hhhmmm

anyway - i took a couple shots that i thought i liked and decided while i was working on those i could pop in for a quick update :hug:

here's a nummy recipe for some griddlecakes my hubby likes

1C almond flour
1/4 coconut meal (processed shredded coconut)
1/4t baking soda
1/4t salt
1-2T coconut oil
4 eggs

add to the skillet after cooking bacon or use 4T veg/olive oil
i used the 1/4c measurer and spread them out until they were about 4" across - just big enough to be a hamburger bun (for which they are DARN TASTY!)
cooked on both sides until just golden.
for more "savory buns" :giggle: add some garlic salt, black pepper, and basil to the almond mix. oooh! minced onions sound good too :ninjaeat:
add some vanilla extract and eat them like pancakes with real maple syrup :hungry:

makes 4-5 cakes depending on how thick you make them

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3 down

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 2, 2010, 6:07 PM

don't forget the super duper useless poll!!… part of a balanced breakfast!

so im workin through the 4th week of the quarter... its all going pretty well so far. about to go work on some homework for my portrait class. gotta turn in 15 sunset shots where i use the flash... should be interesting. its not quite sunset so i still have a little while to figure out what i wanna do.
last week's assignment was to use "hollywood" lighting. specifically he was lookin for the "little butterfly under the nose". i think i did ok :) ima post some of the ones i liked. i didnt end up having a model so i did self portraits. i dont normally like bein in pictures, but i spose these were posed so thats not as bad.
my other good class is for digital illustration. we're designing CD covers and imaginary record labels. kinda fun i guess... loads better than my other classes, but those are easy A's so i guess it works out.

the AC is broken so ima go see if its any cooler outside.... back to post new pics in a while :wave:

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too hot to dance

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 18, 2010, 10:50 AM

don't forget the super duper useless poll!!… part of a balanced breakfast!

well, another quarter has come to a close.... a hectic week of projects and homework, late nights and tests, IS OVER! vacation OFFICIALLY started this morning with turning off the alarm and sleepin in until 10am :D
now ive got the time to do a lot of the things i said i'd like to do when i had the time, but i dunno where to begin... right now it's way too hot outside to do much of anything fun, but we have all the windows open (havent turned the AC yet) and its too hot inside to do much of anything. oh the woes! lol

i suppose that sometime over the next couple weeks i'll be working on left-over pictures from past projects and getting those posted as well as playing catch up on some other things.

i know i just finished one quarter, but im already excited for the next to begin. i'm having so much fun at school!

happy summer!!:relax:

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buzz buzz buzz

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 19, 2010, 12:36 AM

don't forget the super duper useless poll!!… part of a balanced breakfast!

well its been a super busy weekend! that is, if weekends start on Thursday... I had class until 5pm on thursday and then had to drive straight downtown to shoot a rehearsal for the houston ballet. that was really fun, but it was also my last shoot with them. my internship is over and they are gonna choose more students to work with them. i could have reapplied but then i would miss the other internships that come available this quarter. im really hoping i can get in on the zoo internship. i would LOVE to take pics of all their bugs!!! bugs are so freakin awesome!!

friday was my day off from school, but that didnt stop us from being busy... my hubby took the day off because he decided it was time and signed us up for Lasik surgery. that was some of the trippiest stuff i have ever done - but I CAN SEEEEEE!!! :wow: ok, sorta like that but i just cant rub my eyes. it was a little sucky in that i had JUST gotten new glasses when i went home to visit my family. i genuinely like them too! ive worn glasses for so long i dont think i look right without them :hmm: but whats done is done! now i just spend a LOT of time puttin in a myriad of different kinds of eye drops...  a friend went with us so he could drive us home. he took a few pic with my camera while he waited. it took less than an hour from start to finish to get both of us done. WOOOO! also WOO! is that after waking up from my pre-surgery-valium-induced nap friday evening i was granted with AWESOME gifts from my husband. I now have a 15" macbook pro complete with mouse and additional keyboard as well as a 24" monitor to hook it up to so i can do my photography homework!!!!! OMG!!! :omfg:
when we went back on saturday for the post-op evaluation the doc said my vision was 20/20 and gettin better so im not complaining!! he said something about that being a requirement for fighter pilots so i think it will be an excellent addition to my ninja training. the glasses kinda got in the way of my mask anyway.... the laptop turned out to be even more super handy than intended because saturday i also had a shoot with a friend's niece for some senior portraits. she LOVED them when we pulled them up on the computer so she could choose the ones she wanted to have worked on. it was SOOO easy! i just took the card outta the camera and plugged it into the side and it opened the pics with NO PROBLEM! my PC at home doesn't read NEF's so I gotta have photoshop open to even get to them. now i just gotta get photoshop for the mac and i'll be good to go!!
sunday was spent mostly sleeping because i didnt feel very well, but once i got over it i spent most of the evening with photoshop open on my super AWESOME HUGE monitor working on ballet pics...
so, hooray for hubby and his good ideas, hooray for endings and new beginnings, and hooray for cheese! i dunno... i just really like cheese :XD:

hope your weekend was productive and fun!

a look-see at the lookers! :D
lasik 1 by yabbles lasik 2 by yabbles lasik 3 by yabbles
lasik 4 by yabbles lasik 5 by yabbles lasik 6 by yabbles

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Journal Entry: Sat Apr 3, 2010, 10:22 PM

don't forget the super duper useless poll!!… part of a balanced breakfast!

so spring break is over now. i have one day left to get my laundry done and order the books ima need and be ready for school on monday. i think im ready for a new semester at school. the classes i registered for sound like they will be fun :w00t: Large format photography, digital image illustration, and digital retouching. looking forward to them all!

i had a GREAT time visiting with my family :love: took some nifty pics and im excited to get them up on the comp to see what they look like! thats the one problem with shooting in RAW if  you dont have a program that can read it you're pretty much stuck like chuck. my brother has got an AWESOME dog! i think i got a few good shots of him (charlie) that i will be able to post - yay! i didnt take too many pics of the rent's cats, but then they didnt really stick around for any either :shrug:

thank you again, mom and dad, for flying me up there :heart: i love you!!!

ah well... one is ending and another is beginning and im happily along for the ride... and the LLAMAS!!! WWOOOOOO!!!!


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spring has sprung and other cliche things

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 23, 2010, 12:32 AM

don't forget the super duper useless poll!!… part of a balanced breakfast!

Well, in addition to the awesome freakin weather :relax: and the hay fever from the INSANE amounts of pollen we get around here its also come about to being finals week at the Art Institute. I had my first one of the week today in my Lighting class. I got an "A" plus extra credit so I'm feelin optimistic! Tomorrow's exam is in Photojournalism. I think one of the biggest things I learned in THAT class is that I do NOT wanna be a full-time photojournalist!! I mean, I could do it if I had someone handing me assignments or something, but free-lance? NO WAY! :pissed:
The upside about the other final I have this week is that it's for my History of Photography class. We put the bug in his ear that we should have our exam at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts and he fell for it. I should find out tomorrow if that's where we're going or not :fingerscrossed: How fun would THAT be? A field trip on our last day of school?!
Spring break happens for us usually about the time that everyone else's is over, but that's ok by me. I'm just glad to have the time off! I get a few days to relax and depressurize then I get to go home for a few days! I finally get to go see my family :love: I'm so happy!!! Its been way too long and I'm very excited about the trip :eager:
Bonus expectation is that when I get back I should be scheduling a photo shoot with a friend's niece to do her senior portraits. That's doubly awesome cause whatever $$ i can get offa that will pay for the books I need for next semester classes :D

So, here's some springtime happy wishes for you my friends. I hope that yours is going as well as mine or better and if it hasn't started warming up where you are just yet, well, you probably live too far north :lmao:

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holy tamales its march already!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 3, 2010, 1:16 PM

don't forget the super duper useless poll!!… yarrrrrrr!!!

ok, so its not really THAT big of a surprise... i mean march comes at the same time every year. if the months showed up randomly that would be another thing entirely! haa!

things have been busy busy lately... ive finally gotten kinda comfortable working in the studio and have been doing a buncha shoots which is cool. ive got one scheduled for later tonight as a matter of fact! yay! im very lucky in that my friends' daughter is insanely pretty and will goof for the camera for me pretty much whenever i need a model, which has been just about every week since this semester started lol! she gets free pics outta the deal so she's not complaining. neither am i! the teacher grades hard so its really nice when you're one of maybe two or three people to get an A on an assignment :D

the ballet internship is going AWESOMELY! I've had a few of my shots put up on their Facebook fan page and also had a few published online here:…
those are the only pics im allowed to share with ya cause i signed the release saying i couldnt so...... wish i could post some here - its been AWESOME! i get to shoot an actual performance next week so im real excited about that.

its SUCH a nice day out today - got the windows open and the birds are chirping (well, max does more squawking and funny bird does more cooing, but you know what i mean :XD:)

hope all is well with you!!

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paper, rock, scissors

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 21, 2010, 8:05 PM

don't forget the super duper useless poll!!… up up and away!

Well, it seems (so far)that the ballet internship is only per quarter... im not complaining though! i'd be happy with a year, but if its less then that means i getta try for the zoo one even sooner! the day before i went for my orientation for the ballet they announced an internship for the houston zoo photographer. how freakin cool is THAT?!?

anyways, the ballet thing looks like it will be super awesome! we (the 5 of us) went to orientation on wednesday where we took a tour of the building and got to sit down with the directors and find out what they will be expecting from us as photographers. im very excited about getting to take pics for a company that may actually use my shots! i've signed the release forms and contracts so i guess i'm in it for the long haul however long that is!! :w00t:

speakin of my pics being used, i have also been working this week on pictures i took this past weekend for a girl who has written a "life story" book. she needed author pics and wanted to have a specific "good twin/bad twin" photoshop done for the cover. im still working on the shop shot but how cool is that? my images will be published in the next month or so!!! i gotta have the disk with her pics on it to her by the end of the month. NO SWEAT! the bonus part is that she has liked the images i've sent her already so she will be sharing with other people and according to her "Cool! I'm all smiles, Thank you and I will be telling people about you so be ready."


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unanimous vote

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 14, 2010, 7:32 PM

don't forget the super duper useless poll!!… up up and away!

freakin wow! by unanimous vote i was elected president of EXPOSED photo club at school :bow:
the current president was only taking the position as an interim. i thought he was doing a pretty good job! however, i didnt volunteer, but all of my peers said they wanted me to take the position. i am grateful they think so highly of me and proud to take the lead!! WWWOOOO!!!!
this means i will be interacting with staff and faculty to arrange events and such for the club as well as scouting out my own leads on fun stuff for us to do :)
if anyone here has ideas for fun group photo projects i am ALL EARS!!

im just excited and had to share :giggle:

oh, and history of photography class is already a trip! there are only 7 of us and its the same teacher i had for design fundamentals... that guy is a riot! he's got that wicked german dry humor. we get along very well lol!

oooh! on another fun photography note i might be helping out one of my friends with a shoot this weekend (in addition to my own)... she's doing calender shots of hooters girls! woo hoooo! :w00t:

i am having so much fun with all this :D

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the starting over has started

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 12, 2010, 7:19 PM

don't forget the super duper useless poll!!… up up and away!

well first day of the new quarter was yesterday. that was my lighting class. that should be interesting. looks like there will be lots of studio work. today it was photojournalism. OOF! im not sure yet if im gonna like that one, but im not gonna not try, ya know? he had us wandering around the business complex near the school taking pics of crazy stuff so he could gauge our techniques and know-how. in the middle of winter (haa! it was 70F today lol) while everything is dead he tells us "go outside and, for the sake of the assignment, show me through photographs how these buildings are "green" / good for the environment". his idea was that sometimes journalists are given very little direction and have to do a lot of thinking on their feet - not at all my way of doing photography! so i guess that means i will be learning lots in this class and that is in fact why i am there.

my next class is on thursday - history of photography. i've been told already that its one of those do a report every week kind of classes. that shouldn't be TTTOOOOOOOO hard. im pretty good at using words :) (yes mom... i know... punctuation counts too... i DO use it when its not just me yabbling about whatever...)

my internship with the ballet starts in a couple weeks. im way excited to see what kinds of stuff i'l be doing there. i also have been contacted about doing the cover photograph for someone's life-story book. we'll see how that goes! i gotta meet her at a club this friday night and get some shots there, then we have another date for saturday to get some "grown up" professional shots. if that works out as planned that will be some super good exposure for me! (pun intended :D)

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