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MLP S6E06-Can't Cover Up Anymore



It is an extra story between em in this show,I changed some details.One more pic of my OTP!I have wanted to draw this idea since I watched "No Second Peances".But my decision changed a little bit after being covered with those pictures full of TrixieXStarlight.I felt upset with this situation........Hmm,as a Twixie shipper,I shuld play my role.I stick to this ship,don't want to take me down!
Here is the porous dialogue.
(D-Dusk Shine TX-Trixie S-Starlight Glimmer)

D-How's it going Starlight?I said the residents were really friendly,I guess you may have made friends,right?*sees Starlight come in and asks*

S-Well you're right!They....thay are re-really friendly!I see them get on with one another very well!*says a bit embarrassedly and tries to turn the topic*

D-I know!Well let's get into the main thing,have you made any friend?Even if you have only made one,it doesn't matter,at least you did.

S-O-of course I made!Hmm I'll go out if there isn't anything I need to do,anything else?

D-Hey since you made,why not let me see?

S-She's standing outside now,it's easy to see her at once.Well......if you do want to see,I'll ask her.

D-OK I am looking forward to seeing*closes his eyes proudly like he has done something very great*

S-OK,teacher!*goes out to ask*

*The castle is so big that Starlight takes a long while,Dusk stands in situ and waits.*

-While Starlight was going out-

D-*Starts to recall all the experiences he's experienced in Ponyville*

D-*Looks out of the window and sighs*Last time,two times,no more since then......*says to himself*

D-God if I can see "that" again,I will do anything......I want that,but I may no longer have the chance.*begins to be a bit depressed and stare at the floor with his glassy eyes*

-*Starlight returns*-
S-What are you doing Dusk?Is there a book?*sees Dusk standing stiffly*

D-*Standing still*


D-*gets scared and jumps up right away*W-whe-where?I....I ALMOST FORGOT!D-DEAR CELESTIA WHAT HAVE I DONE!*starts being alarmed*

S-*Gives Dusk a look of disdain*Here.Well seems that all I should do are done,I shuold go now.*Walks away and complains*"My teacher is a weirdo."

D-*Confused about what Starlight complained*

T-Long time no see,Prince.*Walks around Dusk,takes her hat off and bows*

D-Twilight Sparkle (no) plz I-s is it you?*his brain is in a mess and he tries his best to cover it and says one sentence at full split*

T-As you can see.

D-.......*His mind is in a big,complete mess*

T-Trixie can't believe life is so interesting that it makes a zangoose and a seviper meet again.*smiles flippantly*[NEVER MIND THIS SENTENCE!]

D-I don't know what you're saying.*lowers his head*

T-No matter.Trixie still remembers those painful past between her and the prince standing in front of her,but past finally passed.Now she does well with her fantastic magic.

D-I believe you're so.*keeps still*

T-Thanks for your appreciate.

D-Is it all?

T-Not really,but that's enough.

D-OK.I'd like to say something,too.*rises his head,starts walking to Trxie.*Sounds like you've changed a lot and you aren't that "Trixie" any longer.I don't know how much you tried to change yourself but I know how much you changed me.

T-*standing by the window and looking outside,doesn't notice Dusk come to*You can imagine without Trixie says.

D-*secretly holds Trixie's coat*Now I want to tell the mare who changed Dusk a fact----*walks much closer*

T-What are you doin' with Trixie's co-*suddenly notices Dusk and find him holdin' it*

D-I CAN'T COVER UP ANYMORE!LET HER KNOW- *unbuttons Trixie's coat as she notices*


D-*Covers himself and trixie with the coat*
*Now everypony knows what happens behind the poor coat.:3*[Coat-WHAT THE FUCKING THING I DID AND THE GOD PUNISHES ME SO MUCH!!!AY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon) ]

*outside of the door,Starlight is knocking at the door,but nopony opens*
S-Dusk I left my notebook on the table!Are you in?Could you take it out?*tries to open the door but fails because of Dusk's lock magic*

S-Dear,what's happenin' inside?It's been so long.....*looks at the clock and it keeps over an hour*

Let me count how many words I typed........592 words....Ah,the most 
lengthy dialogue I have written.
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I ship it tbh... XD