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Kiddo: Determined To Fight pg 102

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Welp, the truth is out there. Penny is eating Papyrus' Soul. DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!! Yep...


Cover of this Chapter> Kiddo: Determined To Fight


Page 102> YOU ARE HERE

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This is for anyone who can't read the font:

Kindness, please try to calm down. Tell us where and why DT left. (Integrity Blue)

She went to the Other World. She thought eating a soul would cure her illness by making her stronger. (Kindness Green)

WHAT!? (Integrity Blue)

She can't! eat a soul in her condition! It's too risky for her to accomplish! (Integrity Blue)

That's what I tried to tell her. (Kindness Green)

Agah!!! What if we're too late and she's already dead?!? (Kindness Green)

I think you're just overreacting. (Integrity Blue)

I can't help it. DT re-fused to be healed when she was hurt. Most of the time, she has to be healed by force... (Kindness Green)

(Flashback Sounds WOoOoOsH oOoOOOooOo)

Aah! Please let me heal you, sissy! (Kindness Green)

No, I'm fine... (DT Red)

Please, let me heal you.. (Kindness Green)

NO! go bother Integrity! (DT Red)

I'm telling Integrity you're being mean! (Kindness Green)

Mmf! (DT Red)

Please, let me heal you! (Kindness Green)

Blah! (DT Red)

Kindness, is right. That's why I want you to find her. (Mother Teal)

W-WHAT!?! B-But, Mother!!! (Integrity Blue)

R-Really? (Kindness Green)

No buts, Integrity! DT has probably gotten herself hurt and is losing a lot of blood. Find her in the Other World and bring her back home to be properly healed. Understood? (Mother Teal)

Y-Yes, Mother. (Integrity Blue)

COME ON, INTEGRITY! (Kindness Green)


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Oh fuck I caught up-
Norita-Sakura22's avatar
Excuse me, what canvas size do you use 
for your comic?
Y3llowHatMous3's avatar
Why do you wanna know?

Norita-Sakura22's avatar
Because your comic size looks in a really cool quality
you can zoom in and everything.
And I want to make a comic so i wanna use it for that
can you tell me please?
Y3llowHatMous3's avatar
 1200x 3200 pixels
like 600 Resolution.
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Yay I’m all caught up for now lol
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Well this is int
IAmUrBoss's avatar
is justice the uncle
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I think they're all females for some reason maybe its like for no reason like Steven Universe and how Gems are all females and that just doesn't give anything to the plot. Or there is a reason but that's unknown right now I don't know.

chrony7's avatar
Maybe its because of my headache.

but im suddenly thinking of "Frying pans" for "Ear Rings."

....No this is not a "Back to the kitchen" mom thing joke. Boo you for thinking that.
Kitty-ChatBlancN's avatar
pfft when the little sister try to get the others
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I wonder what sort of illness could afflict a virtue...
julian1998Hinck's avatar
is justice the father ?
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So patience is the mother of integrity and kindness... i love it, it all make sens.

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I love Kindness !!! <3
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They are so adorable and pretty
panicked-screeching's avatar
theyre so small i wanna,, hug em
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cursive kinda makes it hard to read, but whatever
Y3llowHatMous3's avatar
maybe this will help?
Gigi font by Y3llowHatMous3  
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um, thanks. I hope so
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Mm, souls. Delicious. XD
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