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Kiddo: Determined To Fight pg 101

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I know some of you been asking if the other shadow characters I drawn would ever make an appearance in Kiddo.
Well I think you got your answer! Integrity and Kindness are on this page!! YEAH! 


Cover of this Chapter> Kiddo: Determined To Fight


PAGE 101> You are here

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Well, this is different...
Ellerocks1o1's avatar
I wonder if Bravery, Justice, and Perseverance are perceived as their brothers...
ilovesprights's avatar

Why are they all girls?

Y3llowHatMous3's avatar
sure like to ask alot of questions.
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So Patience is the mother? Cool. And I'm LOVING their designs. Integrity looks gorgeous and Kindness is so CUTE
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It would make sense for Patience to be the mother, because you would need A LOT OF IT.

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Well, it does take some patience to take care of those kids ;)
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... Dt= determination. that is scary what you have done with them.
NeverNowhere's avatar
What an emotional scene...

God I wish I could read cursive.
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It says as follows:

Still no sign of her anywhere? (Kindness Green)

No. (Integrity Blue)

Are you sure searched everywhere? (Kindness Green)

Yes Mother.

The guards have searched high and low for her, but there's no sign of her anywhere inside of the castle. She must have gone to the Other World. It's the only thing I can think of. (Integrity Blue)

I hope you two are not keeping secrets from me. (Kindness Green)

As if. I would have told you if I knew something from the very start. (Integrity Blue)

I know. Integrity. but Kindness is a different matter. (Kindness Green)

You have been unusally quiet. (Integrity Blue)

Huh!? (Kindness Green)

Kindness. are you not telling us something we need to know? (Integrity Blue)

Y-yeah... I made a promise to DT not to tell anyone where she went but- I just can't take it any-more! (Kindness Green)

*Signs* Does sound like something she would do. (Integrity Blue)

I'm worried about DT! She's been sick for so long now and her plan sounded like a good idea at the time! I'm afraid that something bad has happend to her cause she's taking so long to come back! I'm sorry I didn't say something sooner! I just want my sister to return home already! (Kindness Green) Fin

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I wonder if papyrus will bond with these other Soul traits like Penny and give them names as well lol
hell kindness might be able fix paps if that's a thing
IAmADeviantAmanda's avatar
Wait, Kindness is their mother? 
Y3llowHatMous3's avatar
Is it hard to see which color is which? 
Cause there is 3 colored speech bubbles. Ones Blue, Green and Cyan. 
And the mother has the cyan speech bubble. 
grifone01's avatar
You must be joking me, i just ask about them in the precedent draw.
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Integrity is so pretty!
ItzZaira's avatar
Omg. Looks and sounds so cool!!
NyanLightn's avatar
Oh man looks so cool! I can’t wait to learn about Penny’s species!
panicked-screeching's avatar
oh no crying my weakne s s  ;~;
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reminds me of a story. two siblings, one gets sick, they propose a plan to the other, the other agrees, tries to obtain something, the other doesn't like the plan anymore, plan falls through....see what i'm getting at?
Y3llowHatMous3's avatar
They are similar, except for a few differences. 
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Az and Chara
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