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Kiddo: Chosen One pg77

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Somethings up. its the leaf, cause chara holding it up.. nevermind.. thats dumb.




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Something wrong, their eyes is loading

Ellerocks1o1's avatar
You draw the best human eyes!
Kitty-ChatBlancN's avatar
lol the walmart sign is in her eyes
swappapsfan's avatar

Omg- I laughed so hard at this- so true too-

AmberQueen01's avatar
HAHA i laughed. the leaf's up that's beautiful XD
Wcat03blu's avatar
She's really pweety
Phuindrad's avatar
Such beautiful eyes.:D
Pooptato1341's avatar
Openiders69's avatar
ayyyyee it's chara
Kat-Red's avatar
Yaay new update !
TaynahIbanez's avatar
beauty eyes...

And leaves...

leaves everywere... 

Y3llowHatMous3's avatar
It’s even in your underwear... 
Y3llowHatMous3's avatar
Leaves are everywhere 
Pooptato1341's avatar
OKay then...... ;-;
Lady-Alexis-Salt's avatar
You did a gorgeous job on those eyes.
LittleKimy113's avatar
ChibiTacoLord's avatar
Chara is my fave, love the way you drew her (I only said her cuz I noticed you also addressed Chara as her in your comments.) 
WestieDrawsArt's avatar
Omg those eyes though! They're super pretty, and the design for Chara is beautiful. Keep up the great work (I honestly can't wait for the next one)!
IrisSonata's avatar
This Chara.....lives for...WALMART!! really! Look at the eyes!! Same symbol! So they live and see Walmart?!....

Sorry i couldn't help it XD' Had to point that out..Now you can't un-see it...but really i hate walmart tbh.. (she says as she is currently stuck working there)

*BTW I looove how you gave Chara freckles!! That's damn adorable!
Y3llowHatMous3's avatar
there flowers in her eyes.. -_-
IrisSonata's avatar
oooo ok i see it XD'.... i'm sorry if I went to far joking! *bows*
xRaeLa-LPx's avatar
Chara in your style is so cute and awesomely detailed!
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